Dear HHS and Lane,

I?m Jane Shockey (Tracy), who attended Hberg from mid-?63, I think, through
?65, and graduated from Killeen HS, Killeen, Texas in ?66.

I lived in PHV, on the road Bobby Kennedy was supposed to drive down when he
visited Germany, only he didn?t--he drove down another road for security
reasons. But we all stood out there for 3 hours waiting.

Paul Hurt and I both moved to Killeen TX, at the same time and graduated
together in KHS?s class of ?66. We?re in touch again after many years.

I graduated from The University of Texas with a degree in physical therapy,
lived in New Jersey for 20+ years, moved to San Jose CA for 5 and now am
plunked in Pennsylvania. I had three children along the way. And a husband,
I think.

I?ve attached my ??66 graduation photo plus a recent photo of myself (I'm
wearing a teal-color shirt, throwing a ball).

LANE, thanks for all your help reuniting me with my dear HHS friends. Isn?t
it amazing--you can pick up where you left off with HHS friends, and it just
gets even better.

Love to all Hbergers, Jane Shockey '66 (Tracy), P. T.

11 July 2005

If you would like to add your "Short Life History Since Heidelberg" Please send it to me and I will add it for all to read......

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