Dear Alumni......I thought it might be time to see if we can get any more responses from fellow Alumni since the Estes Park reunion is now is sight. I have added two "New Finds" responses at the bottom of this page. Let's keep the ball rolling here...we all love to read these histories! Thanks, Lane

Hi, Lane
It's not easy to abbreviate so much time, but I'll give it a try.
From H-berg, my family was transferred to Killeen, Texas, my dad's last duty station ('65). Met my wonderful husband, Gary Naleski (Class of '66 as well).who finished his BSN @ U of Texas, later his Masters in CRM, and began a very fulfilling military career at various Army bases/hospitals, spanning 30 yrs. Interesting locations such as Seoul, Honolulu, and Taif (Saudi Arabia) are part of the past, with duties including critical care, field medicine education, health care administration, and health facilities development. For six yrs or so, I worked as an insurance clerk in doctors' offices in Colorado Springs. Following Gary's retirement in 2000, we spent an interesting year in Abu Dhabi, UAE, as part of a US- contracted medical training/education company, returning in Oct 2001 as the environment was no longer friendly. A positive aspect of that year, however, was the travel to surrounding countries, Rome and London, as well.needless to say, the culture and the people are memorable in many ways. We have two grown children..our son, Greg (working for Loyola in a resource development), & his wife, Carmie, reside in Baltimore; their daughter, Madeleine, is our first grandchild. Our daughter, Melissa, lives & works managing a catering business in Kennebunkport, ME. We live in Black Forest, CO, and try to visit the East Coast several times a year. It's nice to be settled after years of travel; however, looking back, military life was very positive for all of us. Gary's family lives in the Colorado Springs area, as, Kip, and his wife, Elaine, are only a few miles away, with parents, Cliff & AnnaMae, even closer. We're always sharing "stories" about those memorable years in H-berg, our children and now, grandchildren.
Lane, thanks to you, it's been wonderful to "visit" so many alumni because of your continuing efforts. We appreciate being included.hopefully, Gary & I will see you next June in Estes Park.

Fondly, Mimi Caisse Naleski, "66

Hey There,

I'm really enjoying all the responses. What a kick to turn on my
computer and read about
all our wonderfully interesting and talented classmates!!! Who knew back
then that we
would be reading each other's bios with such great interest this many
years later...
Lots of wonderful memories are flooding back. I'm learning a lot from
many of
these stories. It's as if I wasn't there, because in part I wasn't, due
to the vast
amounts of alcohol a few of us consumed back then. We won't mention any
I'll kill you next time I see you if you print this email, so be
Seriously, I loved hearing from Peg Worth. Please send me her email
address. She and
her brother moved to Heidelberg for just our Senior year, I believe.
They were
really fun!

I've also checked out the "minniepauz" website and what a hoot! She has
done an incredible job with that entire concept. I've told all my
friends about it.

Hope all is well in Colorado. It's Memorial Day Weekend. Has it stopped
snowing there
yet? You really had quite a winter, to say the least!

Linda Gamble '67

Hello Lane,

First off, I want to thank you for your efforts to keep the spirit alive
with all us Heidelbergers. I'm sure that absolutely everyone appreciates the
tasks involved. I have enjoyed reading all the bios, and thought I would
take the time now to add mine to the collection.

My Heidelberg experience first started with a car trip from Mineral Wells,
Texas where the then Ft. Walters Primary Helicopter School used to be
located. I remember in the car hearing the Beatles new hit. "I want to Hold
Your Hand" all the way to Charleston, South Carolina. My mother was driving
because my father arrived in Germany a couple of months before us. My father
was sent to Heidelberg to serve as public affairs officer for the European

We went by plane from Charleston to Frankfurt. My first encounter with any
future classmates was with the Nealon (sp?) family. Through them I met
Dottie and Kathy Langley. Interestingly enough, I eventually attended the
'65 Prom with Kathy Langley.

Within two weeks of my arrival in Heidelberg I experienced my first "night
out on the town". That event changed my entire outlook on life. Germany
became such a life-changing event from that point on. I discovered newfound
freedoms, new cultures, wonderful friends, and many opportunities to
discover myself for the first time.

Throughout, my senior year ('64-'65) I remember Mike Flanagan, Donna Soble,
Linda Green, Jim head, Barbara Williams, Tom Griffin, Werner Arenz, Kathy
Tekse, Sheila Smith, Dede Hayes, Dee Daugherty, Kim Christiansen, Barara
Goldman, Less Nobles, and countless others.... too numerous to list.

One person, in particular, stands out in my mind, though, because she became
my "Ginger Rogers" on the dance floor at the teen club....... Dottie
Werner........ Mercy, could that gal dance!!!!!..... And after all these
years, I am in touch with Dottie Werner via the internet.

The following year ('65 -'66) I attended the University of Maryland in
Munich..... Academically, a bad choice..... Socially a very good one.
I dated Barbara Williams during that year starting with the summer of '65.
Does anyone know where she can be found, by the way? Barbara seems to be one
of the hard-to-find Heidelbergers........ While I was in Munich, I roomed
with Brian O'Connell, and David Brown (who now lives in Victoria, Texas),
along with several other fun-loving dudes from Wheelus (sp?) AFB, and
another funny guy from Naples, Italy.

After Munich, in June of '66, I returned to the US. I entered Troy State
University to get my grades back up. In fact, I ended up on the dean's list
my first quarter there....... Funny what the lack of parties can do to
improve one's grades.... Dah!....... The following year I transferred to
Auburn University (War Eagle) and studied Architecture, Interior Design, and
Visual Arts...... I entered the service in '68, and was fortunate to get
stationed in Korea. I rotated back to the US in '70 and went back to Auburn

I met Cherrie Powel while there. We went out a couple of times, but her
sorority keep her pretty busy. Cherrie eventually ended up getting married
while she was at Auburn...... Stayed there, as a matter of fact, and
eventually, she and her husband opened up a health food shop. Cherrie was
very much into TM back in those days.

I also met my wife, Cheryl, while attending school at Auburn. I didn't
finish school at that time, however. We moved to Birmingham, and I did
drafting and graphics for Southern Company Services. In 1980, we moved to
Houston, Texas where we have been ever since.

Professionally, I have worked for several engineering companies and have
made a good living producing drawings of almost any type for them all. I
went back to College in my forties. I now teach computer drafting at the
local community college here in Houston. I also operate a computer drafting
service called The Cadroom.

I have three kids, Nathan-20, Elizabeth-15, and Stephanie-11...... I started
my family a little later than most. Nathan, in many respects, is like his
daddy, and my two girls are always making me proud...... may God help the
young men who corrupt them.

Since the Heidelberg bunch has been on the internet, I have been in touch
with the following people: Dottie Werner, Mike Flanagan, Dave Brown, Tom
Griffin, Dee Duncan, and Werner Arenz (who is now operating a refuge for
some 200 or so cats in the Canary Islands.) I would welcome hearing from you
all............ If you've a mind to, drop me a line.

My Very best

Scott Blissitte - Class of '65

I have to clear up something before I get into my "life". My 1962 yearbook
is not called Hoheit. It just says Heidelberg on the front. For the
longest time I could not figure out what everyone was referring to. So that
tradition must have started in 1963.

It has been fun reading about what happened to everyone even though I think
I knew exactly one person who has written so far (Mike Weil).

We sailed to Germany aboard the United States in May 1960. It was the
fastest ship of its day. Took 5 days and 10 million calories to cross the
Atlantic. We had Baked Alaska every night! Our first home was the 4th
floor attic of a building in Mark Twain Village facing on Romerstrasse. We
were so excited and counted Volkswagens going by. As usual my Mom made it
home by putting a white cloth over a footlocker and putting a flower on it.
Shortly after we arrived I decided to make tapioca pudding on our German
stove. I had done all my cooking on a gas stove and was not very familiar
with electric burners. So when I poured my double recipe of hot tapioca
into a plastic bowl I did not realize my problem until I lifted the bowl and
tapioca cascaded all down the front of the stove. I had put the plastic
bowl right on the hot burner. So we had burned tapioca and plastic in all
those tiny grooves of the electic burner. Of course that was the moment my
Mom walked in after shopping. And you are all probably aware that when you
moved out the inspector put those white gloves on to make sure everything
was left spotless. A few weeks later we moved to a first floor apartment on
Rheinstrasse. I could walk to school easily and came home for lunch
everyday. The two years we lived there were punctuated by ATTENTION,
to the Motor Pool we had the added pleasure of listening to engines revving
up to haul our Dads away to camp. Other memories are Cotillion where
several of us showed up with the same fabric dress since we all bought at
the PX; walking into the back gate at USAREUR to go to the movies and having
a burger and WONDERFUL fries while we watched the movie, but we had to walk
home out the front gate because the back was locked; walking along the river
on a balmy summer night before the castle burning; going to the Thermalbad
for a swim and flirting with the GIs. It was a magic time.

I did not do much of the teen things while there. I was active in Girl
Scouts (I went to England twice with the scouts) and was a Candy Striper and
volunteer at a nearby orphanage. Yes, I was the goodie two shoes. I went
to the junior prom (in the gym) when I was a freshman. Double dated with
another couple in their VW bus. After the prom we went to the forbidden
caves. We must have been a sight coming down those narrow stairs into a
smoke filled room in our prom outfits. We didn't stay very long! My older
sister "Pixie" graduated in the castle and went to the prom there with her
boyfriend Bobby Schmidt. She now lives in Canton, Michigan.

After Heidelberg we were stationed a year in Mannheim which I did not like
very much. As several of you have mentioned, Ich Hab mein Herz in
Heidelberg verloren. I still even dream about taking the trolley down town,
wandering around and always ending up at the Konditterei for some sweets and
a coke with lemon.

After Mannheim we were stationed at Fort Monmouth, NJ where I graduated from
high school. From there I graduated from the University of Maryland with a
degree in English and a secondary teaching certificate. During my junior
year in college my Dad was sent to Viet Nam so my mother came to live with
me because she was in ill health. I blame the Viet Nam war for providing
the situation where I met my first husband. He was a graduate student in
chemical engineering program. When he graduated with a Ph.D. we moved to
Midland, Michigan to work for Dow Chemical. I had taught jr. high for two
years while in Maryland and decided I had enough of that so I found some
secretarial jobs while we built a house (we literally built it). In 1974 we
moved to Lake Bluff, IL. I worked for GD Searle in Skokie and my husband
worked for Culligan. However, that didn't last. We were divorced in 1975
and I went back to Michigan to earn an MBA at Central Michigan Univ. I
graduated in 1977, worked 2 years for Wickes and then hired into Michigan
Bell which became Ameritech which became SBC. I had lots of good paying
jobs and survived several cutbacks until the one that did me in. Meanwhile
back in 1977 I also met my current husband. We were married in 1983 after 6
years of dating! He attended Wayne State in their doctoral program in
Industrial Organizational Psychology. While he was in school (which was
forever) we had two children Brian (now 19) and Karen (17). So when I was
laid off we decided it was a good time for him to get a tenure track
position (he had been teaching contractually at Wayne State). So that is
how we ended up in Boise, ID. My husband now is a full professor at Boise
State Univ. I work as a Graphics Specialist for the JR Simplot Co. (think
McDonald's french fries). Brian is a sophomore at Berklee College of Music
in Boston and Karen will be a senior in high school in the fall.

Sue Datres Baughn '65

Hi Lane,

I discoverd the HHS website awhile back as I was trying to find an email address for HHS as I lost my yearbook around 1971/72. I did not find a new yearbook.

Instantly memories flooded back and I remembered things and people I had not thought of in 34 years.

I remember Rick Bates teaching me great guitar playing and pickin. I remember Teresa (Terry) Funk (class of ??)(boy was I in love) and later Beth Reynolds 71 (boy was I even more in love). I remember John Vaughn and I always getting on each others nerves ( or maybe only me getting on his nerves). Bob Lucas and I sitting in the car half the night talking got it, women. The great and only fantastic band A Beautiful Day. Going out to have a few beers at Rudies, The Green Lantern and all the other joints. Great memories.

This mail sure took awhile to write, but here is my life story.

After graduation I spent 6 weeks in Spain going all the way down to Torremolinos. A few days after returning, I had a bad motorcycle accident ( I was on the back seat) that kept me at home for over 9 months. After that I started working for Bill Smart and Jostens (rings and yearbooks)....on to doing advertisement layout with a guy named Robert E. Blackburn for the Heidelberg Community selling cars in Mannheim. Life was not that promising so I decided to go to my brother Werner in Menorca, Spain and get on his nerves (which I sure did). I tried doing everything I could and nothing succeded until I started doing bus tours with German,English and Spanish tourists on the Island.

Got a call around 1973 from the same guy I did the community newsletter with who happend to be the childhood buddy of Roy Orbison. So I packed my bags and went to Nashville (actually it was Hendersonville). Spend over a year there and lived most of the time in Roy Orbinsons house which was absolutely great.

As usual, the business flopped (we tried starting a new country music monthly magazine) so back to Spain I went. I got back into the tourist business pretty quick and started leading a life of having a steady job. Around 1976 I met my first wife and a year later started to work for a German tourist operator TUI. I stayed with them for 22 years. I worked and lived in Mexico, Kenya, Greece, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Maldives, Sri Lanka and alomost 8 years on soviet ships that the German company had chartered for its clients (boy, what an experience.) 1992 my wife and I seperated (divorced 8 years later). 1998 I decided it was time to settle down and stop living out of a suitcase. So, I quit TUI and settled down in the south of Munich. 2000 I met a wonderful lady (Sandra) with a great 4 year old child. It was (is) great. So great as a matter of fact, that we decided to have another child. So, at the grand old age of 50 Herby became the proud father of the best looking child in the whole wide world. We then, decided to get married.

That puts me at the present, Philip just turned 2 about two weeks ago, Florian, the eldest is almost 8.

I have enclosed two photos of the children and one of myself taken a good year ago.

I am still trying my best to be at the Lake Tahoe reunion. Maybe it will happen.

My address:
Hallwangerstr. 63
D-83209 Prien am Chiemsee
Phone: 0049-8051-65078
Mobile: 0049-179-4964166

Take care
Herby Arenz 69

Dear Lane,
Thank you! The life stories are such fun to read - even from those people
I do not know.
I went to 8th & 9th grade in Heidelberg in 1964-66 then spent a year at
Paris High School and finished up in the Netherlands - Brunssum
International School - class of 1969. Three high schools, three countries,
typical Army brat trail. My father retired in 1969 and the family moved to
and stayed in Colorado Springs. They raised my 2 younger brothers here
and I came "home" in 1987. Back-track:
In 1969 I went to Colorado State University where I met Stephen and we
were married in 1971 (Eileen Bennett '69, Rich's sister, was there!) then
moved to New Jersey. Graduated in 1973 from the College of New Jersey and
moved to Australia to help an American friend build a house on his small
farm. Lived in a tent for months and worked in Thredbo ski area for the
winters. Travel back to the US in 1975-76 through Indonesia, Singapore,
Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, India, Nepal, back to India, Pakistan,
Afganistan, Iran, Turkey, Europe. Would be scared to go to some of these
places now. With the exception of fighting in Timor at that time, it was
very quite and uneventful. Worked in Gunnison, Colorado for 1 year then
moved on to Vail. My son, Michael, was born there in 1979 and we moved to
Seattle in 1980 - thought it would be a better place to raise
children. Worked in the music business (specifically accounting and
computers) for 8 years. My daughter, Kylie, was born in 1985 and
two years later we moved to Colorado Springs to help with family. Happily
single now and busy with my children, work and volunteer projects. I love
it here. This month has been terrific since Michael graduated from
CU-Boulder with 2 majors (Architecture and Political Science) in early May
and Kylie graduated from high school last week. Two grads - one big
party! Memorial Day my daughter & I ran the Bolder Boulder 10k race, 12th
year for me and 6th for Kylie. Michael started running it with me in 1991
but now only runs it once every few years.
It is now back to work (American Numismatic Association, IT Director) and
volunteering: soup kitchen on Sundays, Triple Crown of Running Race
Committee - Pikes Peak Ascent (I did it once) and Marathon, and public
library. Active with a Reading Group that has been together 11 years and
Zonta. My house is kinda messy. Two cats and 4 birds are fun. With the
inside birds and outside birds chirping and the Colorado sun shining, it
is hard to be unhappy about anything. My daughter is packing for a 52-day
Outward Bound trip to Alaska (graduation present from my parents and
friends). My son is taking some summer classes and teaching driver's ed
(Master Drive) to 16-year-olds in Denver. My parents are doing pretty well
and it is wonderful to be close by - for my children too.
My sister, Dodi ('68) is a landscape architect in Seattle with
14-year-old twin boys and three grown step daughters. Brother Charlie is
an ER doc in Nashville with a 13-year-old daughter plus 3-year-old triplet
girls. Brother Carl is married to a Canadian gal and they live in Oakland,
CA and both are employed. Hooray!
See you in Estes Park one of these years....or Denver for lunch, Lane!
Cheers to all!
Susie Fredericks (Nulty) '69

In the words of noted philosopher Willie Nelson, "Gee, ain't it funny how
time slips away?" With the class of 1969 in its Prostate Years (well, half
the class), here's my update.
   After leaving the hallowed halls of Heidelberg High in 1969, I
enrolled in a unique seven-year bachelor's degree program at the University
of Kansas (I inadvertently designed it myself). Planning on becoming a
famous disk jockey, I worked at area radio stations in Lawrence, Kansas, and
Kansas City, Missouri. My high ratings but low wages suggested a directional
change, as the wild parties, groupies, drugs and free records did not
interest a sensitive soul such as I. In 1978 I headed to Los Angeles to
become a famous guitar player. Even the slightest research would have
revealed that the L.A. musician's union already had 6,000 guitarists, not to
mention the thousands of other, nonunion players, of which total about 10
worked regularly.
   So I put my journalism degree to work doing public relations and
marketing work, first for the music school in L.A. I'd attended, then Yamaha
International's music divisions, Rocketdyne (maker of the space shuttle's
main engines), a number of hospitals, and now a utility/public works
management company. Still trying to write the Great American Sentence, I
also wrote articles for Guitar World, Just Jazz Guitar, Downbeat, and
Vintage Guitar magazines.
   For about 31 years after departing Heidelberg, I was a single serial
monogamist (insert lame breakfast oats joke here). But don't be thinking I
had a problem committing-I did it dozens of times. I ended this bachelorhood
of Beattyesque duration but not plenitude (in my case, Ned, not Warren) in
2001, marrying my significant bother.... er, other of seven years, the
lovely Alice. We tend stead and bed in Altadena, California, an inch
northwest of and several hundred thousand dollars below Pasadena, so near
the Rose Bowl that we can hear the crowds and blimps on concert nights. Our
one dependent is Furgie, the good shepherd, nothing but a hound dog.
   A mild-mannered corporate PR/Marcomm guy by day, I spend evenings
still trying to be a famous guitar player. It's daunting seeing so many
criminally talented players around these days who are half my age, the
little punks. But I take comfort in knowing that I can finally play better
than most of my original guitar heroes, since they're dead now.
   Seeing HHS news and reading about my Heidelberg homeys still gives
me a little tug on the tonsils. The memories are making my olderescence that
much richer, though nostalgia's not what it used to be.

Tim Bradley, Class
of 1969


First my phone number: (702) 617-3394

Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. The web site is great. I enjoyed looking at the photos. Tish Ferguson and I were an item for a short time, and for some reason she dropped me like a sack of rocks. I do remember Susie Fredericks as she and I were going strong up until the time my Dad was transferred to Southern France. That was about midyear of 1965.

I'm wondering how you lucked out and took Linda Gamble to the '65 Junior Prom? She sat in front of me and Mike Torosian in Dr. B's biology class. We both had a major thing for her.

While in Southern France I went to Poitiers American High School through the 1966 school year. When Charles De Gaulle kicked the NATO forces out of France they closed the schools in Poitiers and I did the first half of my senior year at Orleans American High School and the second half at Lakenheath American High School in Great Britain. In both places I was a 7-day dorm student.

I came back to the U.S. in late summer 1967 and started college at Colorado State College in September of 1967. From there I transferred to Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ. I completed my Junior year there and dropped out from total boredom. I went to live with my folks in Barstow, CA. (my dad was stationed at the Marine Corps Supply Center there). Uncle Sam caught up with me after I lost my student deferment. I joined the Air Force in 1972 did four years (18 months in Turkey and the remainder at Offut Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska). I was an intelligence analyst.

Got out the Air Force in January 1976. Stayed in Omaha for a short time to complete my undergraduate degree at the University of Nebraska, Omaha. From there I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada (August of 1976). I got a job with the EPA and transferred to the Dept. of Interior about a year later. Did 22 years with Interior and retired in December 1997.

I retired early so I could pursue the dream I always carried with me; to play golf professionally. I'm still working at it and it is close but the clock is ticking a bit faster than I anticipated.

Enough for now. Write back and let me know what path you took.

As ever,

Bob Ottmann '67

Hi Lane
I found out about the reunion from Claudia Z, '68. I attended the Heidelberg Reunion in 1996 (in Heidelberg)and met up with a lot of old classmates. I haven't been to any other reunions.
I live in Colorado Springs, near Garden of the Gods. You'll have to be specific about what kind of help. I'd do certain stuff, tell me what you need. I'm looking at entering U of Denver law school for the 2004 fall semester and may end up doing a summer prep program. If that happens, I'll probably be somewhat useless as a helper, but maybe not. Just ask me, I'd like to help if I can, and if I can't I'll let you know.  
I've been in Colorado about 8 years and love it. We kayak the Colorado and like to go camping and attend Bluegrass festivals.
I went to HHS for 3 years, 64-67, we returned to the states after my Junior year. I returned to Heidelberg as an Army wife 1983-1987. I've returned to Europe perhaps 6-7 times as a tourist. I went for a month in 2001 with my youngest son and we got Eurail passes and did the youth hostel thing. In 2002 I spent 11 days driving about Germany, The Netherlands, Belguim and France with my oldest. About 9 months ago went to England and Scotland with my husband and youngest. I have 4 sons, oldest 23, youngest 14. Youngest (Joey) is at Pine Creek here in the Springs and the only one still at home. My husband is a West Point grad, class of 72 and is currently a Military Contractor doing a lot of Space and Homeland Security stuff. So, now you know a bit of info about me.
Thanks for all that you are doing. I know it takes a lot of time, and your web page was impressive and thats no easy task.
Rosa Tilton '68

Ok Gang, there are a lot more of you who need to send in your "History", Please take 15 minutes right now and send it to me. I haven't had one negative please do it now!! Thanks, Lane
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