Diana Dee Carr HHS 63-65 (Class of 66)

Oh brother, this is hard!! But if we don't contribute we're not doing our part to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, right? I've said many times that no one will remember me, but then I always get a response from someone who DOES! Anyway, I'll try to portray the path from my Sophmore and Junior years at HHS to 2003 here in Michigan.

The things I remember most are the Teen Club; two of the guys in the band..... Mac from Texas? and Mike (somebody); going to the swimming pool (we had to ride the bus to get there)....oh! I made the dumb choice to go to the pool on the day JFK was visiting PHV! I still can't believe that! I was also at one of the "attic" parties when we got the news he had been shot. Also went to the Prom in '65 with a "civilian" I was dating.

Ok, so I was a bit of a rebel and didn't get involved in many school activities. I dated a couple of guys from school, but can't remember who they were. I was more interested in skipping school, drinking beer and cognac and dating GI's than anything else. Almost got myself sent back to the states because my stepdad was an officer and I wasn't behaving myself. (I even "ran away" for a couple of days and spent the first night in Barb Brown's closet) In fact, after Heidelberg I spent my senior year in Rolla, MO while my parents and sister (Marcia Carr '68) were stationed at Ft. Belvoir, VA. Amazingly, I never did drugs at all which my mother still finds hard to believe.

I did graduate in '66 and then got married in '67 to a GI I met out at Ft. Leonard Wood. We were stationed in Naples, Italy for 2 years and my first son was born there in '68. Fast forward 11 years (2 more kids) and I was married for the second time and living in Saudi Arabia.....what an experience! To make a long story short.....I've been single for 21 years now and actually live 10 min. from my first husband and his wife. They even invite me to family Christmas parties every year! Two of our kids (Troy 31; Tara 29) work for their dad's electrical contracting company and the oldest (Keith 35) is now a chiropractor (oh what a blessing!) here in MI. I have 4 grandchildren and have taught each one of them how to use the computer when they're 3 yrs. old.

Out of the blue about 7 years ago, I created a cartoon character named "Minnie Pauz", and 5 yrs. ago started sharing it with other women on the internet. The strangest part about this was that I had never drawn a cartoon in my life, so I have always felt that this was a gift from up above and I'm supposed to use it to help other women (and their loved ones) get through the "middle-rages" by making them laugh......that's the only explanation I have at this point. I haven't tried syndication in the newspapers yet, but I am talking to a publisher about my first book (temporarily titled "Getting Through Menopause Wearing Only Your Sense of Humor"). There have been articles in the LA Times, USA Today, Newsday and I've even made it (well, the website made it) on CNN. It's kind of like the "Dilbert of Menopause" since there's no other humorous character for our age group. I'm hoping to have the merchandising and licensing success of Dilbert too! :) If any of you are interested in keeping up on my progress, visit my website at www.minniepauz.com and sign up for the newsletter.

So, considering my less than illustrious life up to now, no one is more surprised than me about my potential fame and fortune! One of the first things I look forward to is to return to Heidelberg and soak in the beauty and history I took for granted back in the 60's. I'm very grateful to Lane for helping us all make the connection to such fond memories and giving us the chance to share the paths we've taken since being together in a brief moment of time.

Dee (Carr) Adams '66

Hi Lane,
I love reading the bios. I don't think you knew me (class of '68). I do
have an interesting fact...I believe I am the only one from Heidelberg who
went ALL 12 years to school there. I started in ele. sch, then to junior
high (at the annex) and then back to the High sch building and graduated in
the castle. My dad was a DAC and never rotated. We started out in Mark
Twain Village, then to Roemerstrasse, (I was a "walker" to sch) and then we
moved to the Economy (Leimen and Wiesloch). In high sch I was going
"steady" with Fred Geres for 2 years...he was the love of my life and we had
"plans". Well I came to the states for college (Tampa Univ) where I met my
husband. Two weeks after graduating from college I married Drew and we moved
to Ct. where he is from and where we reside to this day. Drew is an FBI
agent and we have been married 33 years. We live in a little suburb of
Fairfield called Easton where we actually built our own home (not sub
contracted...we did ALL the work hands on). I have 2 wonderful children and
am a grandmother of 2 little boys. My son is 29 and a graduate of the Naval
Academy and my daughter is 23. She is a graphic designer. I stay at home
as I am the full time caregiver to my mom who lives with us. She is in the
last stages of Alzheimers. Both my parents were with us for 8 years, but my
Dad passed 2 yrs. ago. I have a small business at home designing and making
custom cards and gifts. It keeps me busy and happy
I had fun times at HHS with my best friend Kathleen McGinley. We went to
the Teen Club just about every weekend! Kathleen and I are still best of
friends and correspond often. We even double dated for the prom. We went
with the Marx brothers, Todd and Tim. They took us to dinner at the Europa.
I'm pretty much housebound with my mom, so I haven't been to any reunions.
I've seen Amos Goodall in the reunion pics. and I remember him well from my
Russian class. I think I went to a junior high school dance with Ray Minor
and I did hang out some with Richard Gaylor and Patrick Martin. Thanks for
the wonderful idea you have going. It is fun to catch up on old memories.
Patricia Matromatteo
class of 68

Lane, thanks for keeping this going. Here is my, hopefully, brief update.
It's very interesting to hear how people's lives have unfolded.

We arrived in Heidelberg in the summer of 1965, July to be precise. I
remember arriving at PHV following a long car ride from Rhein-Main. We
noticed that there was one of those German carnival/beer tents being hosted
on the complex. My brother, Steve, and I wandered over to drive the bumper
cars. They were playing that great song by DD und die ABC Boys: My Baby Baby
Bala Bala. Now, who could forget that one! That was the beginning.

Many fond memories from that point on. Nights at the Teen Club and Senior
Enlisted Club listening to various bands play English rock and roll.
(hopefully, your folks weren't chaperoning that night!) Waiting in line at
the PHV theatre to see the first James Bond film and "Help". Alerts. Playing
in an unnamed (and probably forgettable!) band with Joel Bargman and others
at junior high dance. ( I couldn't even play my instrument!) Many names
from the past; Don Dickson, Sally Hutchison, John Vaughn and many others. I
left in the middle of my sophomore year. A terrible thing to happen.

I graduated in Hampton, Virginia and the very next day we moved to Fort
Hamilton, New York. What were they thinking at the Department of the Army?
Being assigned to a base in New York City during the height of the Vietnam
War was not the place to be. Times have changed.

I attended the University of Maryland following in my brothers footsteps. I
attended a few informal reunions in the DC area with Chuck Kerns. (where is
he?) Upon graduation, I was commissioned an ensign in the US Navy and was
assigned to a P-3 anti-submarine warfare squadron. (we tracked many Russian
subs!) The highlight of my Navy career was a week with the Blue Angels. Tom
Wolfe nailed it in "the Right Stuff".

After five years of "haze, gray and underway", I knew it was time to enter
the private sector. I had spent enough time in the service as both a
dependent and officer. (Pat Conroy wrote eloquently about this in the
foreword to Military Brats) I worked for a major insurance company in
Portland, Maine and later moved to Boston as a consultant with a large,
international human resources consulting firm. I am now Vice President of
Marketing for a benefits outsourcing company.

I was a confirmed bachelor until 1996. I met my wife during a consulting
project and we were married in 1998. She is an executive with PepsiCo. In
1997, we toured Europe and visited Heidelberg. When we visited the high
school, Rich Bennett was coaching the women's volleyball team. We live
outside of New York City in Purchase with our two year old daughter,
Courtney. This gives me the chance to visit West Point every other year for
the Army-Navy lacrosse game. I cheer for both teams! We divide our time
between our home in New York and a family farm in Massachusetts.

Thomas Klett '70

(13 May 03)

Hi Lane,
My parents "dragged" me to Germany in 1964 (my passport photo shows an
uphappy 17 year old girl!) but it turned out to be one of those life
changing events. I attended HHS only for my last semester of high school,
so I didn't have much time to make many friends or date! My younger sisters
also attended HHS (Beth Thomas and Teri Thomas). It's weird to look at the
Hoheit yearbook and have the teachers look so young! After graduation, I
went to the University of Maryland's Munich campus--my roommate there was
Betsy Roe (now Gannon) who I had met at HHS. We became even better friends
and still keep in touch. I had a great time in Munich, met lifelong friends
and saw much of Europe in the process. I left Germany in 1967--returned to
the U.S. to finish college (Psychology major) at San Francisco State
University. I worked full time as a secretary, and took most of my classes
in the late afternoon and evening. I continued on and got a Master's degree
in Educational Psychology. Then I got a job at the Far West Laboratory for
Educational Research and Development (now called WestEd) and worked there
for about 7 years as a budding researcher. I married my first husband in
1968 (we divorced about 10 years later). In 1986, I completed my Ph.D in
Education at the University of California, Berkeley. I met my current
husband, Ed, at a conference in Austin, Texas. He lived in St. Louis, MO,
but was dating a woman in Austin (I always tell him, it was his way of
avoiding commitment!). We dated long distance for a year and then, still in
the middle of my doctoral program (1981), I accepted a position as a project
director at CEMREL, Inc., a non-profit firm in St. Louis, MO. We returned
to California and got married in 1982. We both ended up working at SWRL,
Inc., another non-profit educational research agency, near Long Beach, CA
(Ed eventually became the Executive Director of SWRL). SWRL and Far West
Lab merged into WestEd (with offices in San Francisco and southern CA). In
1995, I accepted a job as Associate Executive Director of the Northwest
Regional Educational Laboratory (NWREL) in Portland, OR. So we sold our
home in Long Beach, CA., and bought a house in Rancho Mirage (near Palm
Springs, CA) and a condo in Portland. In 2001, I became CEO of NWREL.
NWREL has over 200 employees and we manage over 25 million in contracts and
grants, so I'm kept busy! And, now Ed and I are in one of those crazy
commuter marriages, at least for a few more years, until one of us decides
to retire. The California home gives me a place to go to get out of the
Portland rain! We just celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary. We have
two daughters (Ed's from his first marriage), now both married. Jenni lives
in Brainerd, MN and Vicki is in Boston, MA. The wanderlust bug, that
started in HHS, stayed with me and every year or so we travel to someplace
new--we've been to Australia, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Thailand,
all over Europe, and most of the U.S. In 1996, for my 50th birthday, Ed and
I went back to Heidelberg (he had never been to Germany) and it was so much
fun seeing familiar places and especially the castle where I graduated.
Besides travel, we enjoy the frustrating game of golf. When we first
married, our sport of choice was downhill skiing, but now that we are
getting older, we've settled into golf. Lane, thanks for starting this
"string" of stories. It has been fun reading the life histories of
Carol Thomas (1964)

Hi Lane

My contribution
   I moved to Heidelberg right at the beginning of my freshman year in 1962. We lived in PHV. The Martz family lived upstairs. Dave was in our class of 66; his older brother Danny was killed in that crash that claimed three other upper classmen. That was probably the most significant and tragic event for the entire Heidelberg military family in many years. Most of my involvement was with the band ... still remember Mr. Kirkpatrick. Other band members, Bruce Bailey, Mike Locklear, Helen Mills, Bill McKee, Bill Bryfogel. My freshman year was kind of a fog and I didn't begin to really appreciate my classmates until my sophomore year which was cut short in October 63 when my father died and the family was evacuated stateside.
   We settled in rural New Jersey (yes, there were rural parts back then) and I graduated from North Hunterdon Regional High School in 66. I made two attempts at college. The first was the Baldwin-Wallace College Conservatory of Music near Cleveland, Ohio and I quit after three months because jazz wasn't allowed in the conservatory and without it, music became more like work and less enjoyable. The second was as a Political Science major at Fairleigh Dickinson University. That lasted a year and I dropped out to work full-time and support the house. Got my draft notice in June 68 and enlisted in the Navy instead. 12 years later, with a wife (Pat, acquired Dec. 1969), three kids (Michelle - 74 - Albuquerque, Tim - 75 - Havre de Grace, MD, Brian - 77 - Charleston, SC), a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Mexico, years spent underwater in submarines, I got out at the rank of Lt. Commander. Along the way, I lived in North Chicago, IL, Bainbridge, MD (3 times), Hartford, CT, Groton, CT, Albuquerque, NM, Holyoke, MA, Charleston, SC, and Ocean Springs, MS.
   We spent three years near New Orleans, LA, while I was working for Louisiana Power & Light, building their nuclear power plant (no ... I don't glow in the dark). Then we moved to our current location, Glen Ellyn, IL to allow my wife to take care of her parents whose health was failing. 20 years later, they are still here hanging on, their health is still failing, our three kids are grown and graduated from college, Tim is married, and we are grandparents to Thomas John, born Feb 20th this year. Somehow, Pat is still by my side after 33+ years, I still am involved in music (play bassoon, saxophone, and clarinet in two bands and a church orchestra), have gotten involved with classic cars (have a 61 Austin Healey Sprite and 67 Ford Fairlane 500), and I am retiring from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission at the end of October this year.

Martin Farber '66

(18 May 03)

Greetings lane, Though we've not formally met, you still manage to keep me updated on all the HHS news for which I am grateful. Even though I was an "underclassman", upon my arrival in Heidelberg, Bebe Gaines was kind enough to take me by the hand and introduce me around until I found my niche. That "niche" being the people I hold dear to my memories and would love to hearfrom should anyone know how to reach them. The list includes: Tom Bell, Bobby Hatcher, Dennis Baglama, Sharon Richter, Mario Estrada....... I did run into Vanessa Gamble in Boulder at the University of Colorado where we both attended college. We still keep in touch and she is now happily married and living in New Hampshire. Was recently in touch via e-mail with John Vaughn who still lives in Germany and still producing wonderful music. His CD's being available on the web if you look him up on the Heidelberg High Alumni site. I also found my high school sweetheart, Dave Bullard, living in Tampa and he will always hold a special place in my heart as my first love. We all had some very memorable times during our stay in H-berg (i.e. the teen club, concerts in Munich....) My life after Boulder was rather nomadic, a holdover from my army upbringing no doubt. I went to Wyoming in the mid 70's and worked on a few dude ranches. After that a small stint in Oregon and then a move to California for several years. Worked in Marin County as a custom photofinisher and am still enamored with the art of phtography which I dabble in as time allows. Moved to San Antonio, TX in the early 80's and did hospital work. Met my physician husband there and was married 16 years. Recently divorced, I now live in Colorado again. I just couldn't get the mountains out of my blood! My daughter willgraduate from C.U. this week, like her mama, and my 15 year old son is obsessed with baseball which he does quite well atI might add. Best wishes to all my classmates from the class of 1970. I hope to get back to Heidelberg someday and see it this timethrough adult eyes. Somehow I don't think it will be quite the same.....Margaret (Peggy) White DennisClass of '70


I'm not shy, just pretty busy. As it stands, I was in New Jersey yesterday, in Frankfurt this morning and now in a hotel room in Geneva, Switzerland. Here is my story in the condensed, abbreviated version.

I graduated from Jr. High and did part of the ninth grade in Landstuhl, Germany. Subsequently, I spent nearly 2 years in Colorado Springs and then moved to Heidelberg in February, 1964. Even the trip to Heidelberg was an adventure. I arrived at JFK airport in New York at the same time the Beatles first visited the USA. Naturally, it was absolutely chaos at a normally chaotic airport. My family and I then proceeded to board the USNS Geiger for the 21 day trip to Bremerhaven via the Azores and Rota, Spain. We had to divert because of a hurricane and then went into port in Spain for repairs before we could move on to Bremerhaven. It was on this ship that I first met one of our fellow classmates and a very good friend, Linda Green.

I was somewhat surprised when my fellow students opened up to me right away and I quickly made friends. My date to the Senior Prom was the very same woman I had dinner with two days ago (this past Thursday), the beautiful Dottie Werner. After graduating in the castle like most of us, I went to California State University, Sacramento where I earned my degree in Chemistry and Biological Sciences. I followed up with graduate studies in Chemistry and Biological Science at California State University, Sacramento, the University of Idaho and San Jose State University. During my graduate studies I came to the conclusion that I really hated chemistry and was going to get my Ph.D. in Pharmacology at Washington State University when my source of funding was cut. Since I really had no other funds, I elected to go to work. My original research was published in the world's leading peer reviewed chemistry journal.

My first job was working on solid rocket propellant. Yes, I was a rocket scientist, at least for a couple of years. This was really stressful work for me since virtually everything I worked with was extremely explosive and also usually extremely toxic. This is where I learned to wash my hands before I went to the bathroom. After the stint in rocket propellant, I went on to do research and eventually led research teams in clinical chemistry, immunology and toxicology. Keeping mind that I truly hated working in the laboratory, I decided to go into the business side of things and switched to marketing after about 7-8 years in the laboratory. I never looked back.

Some of my marketing campaigns made some impact on our society today but I won't go into that. Probably because of my experiences in Germany, I drifted to International marketing instead of domestic US marketing. I have been heavily involved in international business for about 25 years in a variety of different areas. I even took an expatriate assignment and was based in Sydney, Australia for four years where was the General Manager of division of a major pharmaceutical company. I was also the General Manager of another company in New Zealand and simultaneously handled operations in 14 Asian countries. After return to the USA, I did a lot of consulting work, started a business advisory board service for CEO's and senior managers, and had a successful executive coaching practice. Later, I sold the business and took a job in Hawaii where I was a VP of one company and president of a subsidiary. That job was a big mistake for me and I left them to take a job in Redmond, Washington where I was the VP of International, Global Marketing and later President. The company was involved in pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements. Once I was promoted to President, I was tasked to sell the company and did so to the firm I now work for in Florida. (I still live in California.)

I have been lucky that because of work, I have been able to go back to Germany and especially Heidelberg relatively frequently. I have also gone back on vacation. In addition to the reunion in 2001, I also took my son back to Heidelberg in 2002 at his request. Put it this was, the staff of the hotel I frequent in Heidelberg all know my name and I get both a new Year's greeting and birthday card. I am there that frequently.

I married the daughter of an Air Force colonel who graduated from high school in Spain. Unfortunately, this marriage was ultimately unsuccessful and we divorced after 8 years with no children. I subsequently remarried and we have a wonderful son who will soon be 18 years old. He is graduating from high school in a few weeks. He has also been attending the local community college for the past two years and will finish high school with about 1.5 years of college credit. It certainly makes my expenses for his education a bit lower.

When I left Heidelberg, I fully expected never to seen any of my classmates ever again, with the exception of Bob Flowers who sailed on the same ship back to New York with me. However, I continued to bump into people I knew from high school at various places, apparently randomly, at various times. Before the summer had even ended, I ended up picking up a hitch hiker in Capitola, California who had a cast on his leg. He sat behind me in trigonometry class in Heidelberg. Within a few months, I visited Sharon Arnold at her home and also saw her future husband, Bob Nash there as well. I didn't see Sharon again for 35 years. About 12 years ago, I literally bumped into Mark Caisse at a copy machine in San Jose, California. I recognized his face but it took us about 10 minutes to figure out our common linkage. I see Mark for beer every few months. I even saw Barb Goldman give a concert in Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain once but didn't realize it was the same Barbara.

I continue to be impressed with the ease at which I communicate with former classmates. It just goes to the strength of the relationships we developed so many years ago. A few years ago, Robin (Christensen) Crossland called me and we spoke at length. I remember thinking what a fantastic person she was and wondered why I didn't know her better in Heidelberg. We had something very special then and continue to have something very special now.

Best regards,

Larry Line '65

Nice to hear from you, Lane. I must tell you that my sister, Liz, is the
one who died. Mary is alive and quite well in Allentown, PA (sounds like a
song). She teaches American Lit at Muehlenberg College there and her
husband, John McClure, teaches English Lit at Rutgers Univ. They speak
very well in that household.
Bill and I were at the 1996 Reunion. We had just moved from Heidelberg to
Brussels at that time. Since then we spent 2 years in Brussels and 3 years
in Brooklyn, NY. Now we're settled in No. Virginia for a while, we hope.
Thanks for the work that you do for all of us.

Sarah Lawlor Pearce '69

(25 May 03)

Dear Lane, Although I do not believe that we have ever met I am
intrigued by all the response you are getting from the various classes
and think it is fun to hear how everyone is doing. I have led a very
busy life after Heidelberg and "South Pacific" going on tour with a 6
piece band in Europe. I met my husband who was a pilot, married, had
two children and then divorced. Then on to a career working for Hood
Sailmakers which connected me with the charter boat business in St.
Thomas. I married two more times for very short periods until I got the
picture that no one was going to support me so I then went into real
estate where I am today with my own small company here in Maine. My
memories of Heidelberg are mostly of the musical, Larry Jorgensen and my
wonderful german teacher who got us involved in the German community
which I embraced having come from a german school to finish my last year
in an American school for graduation. Over the years I have often
thought of Lance Landre, Paul Rogan and Terry Skelton who I had the
opportunity to perform with. I have often wondered what happened to the
girl that played "Bloody Mary" and cannot remember her name but she was
so talented. I am now living in Belfast, Maine which is on the coast
and my longtime partner, Richard, a contractor and I have three crazy
little dogs and a busy and rich life, kayaking, oil painting and of
course working. If anyone ever comes to the east coast let me know.

Peg Worth '67

Thank you, Lane. I have updated my info today to clarify (on "Military Brats")....I was in
Heidelberg for grades 6,7 and half of 8. Actually graduated '65 from
Hampton HS VA. My sister told me about this web site is why I logged on.
The few friends whose names I remember I could not find. I actually did run
into a classmate 'Joe' from Heidelberg (and right now I can't recall his
last name)...but it was a few years after graduating from high school when I
happened to be spending the weekend somewhere in Wash DC--walked into a
party and saw Joe--we both recognized each other from Heidelberg having last
seen each other mid 60-61 in 8th grade. Anyway...it would be fund to look
at yearbooks if they were on-line....however I don't even recall school
pictures having been taken at this point. (I did happen to check the alumni
website for General HH Arnold HS Wiesbaden and they have apparently scanned
yearbooks on their site for most years from 1948! Someone is doing a lot of

Well, bless you for helping the 'brats' stay or re-connect!!

Bonnie Loughran '65
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