Pete Senechal - HHS Class of '67

I lived in Heidelberg and attended HHS from 1963-1966 with my sister Ginny and brother John (both live in Asheville, NC near my parents). I graduated high school in 1967 in Arlington, VA. I dated Barbara Schick (hi Barb!) and went to her senior prom with her at the castle.
After high school I attended Duke University and then the Medical College of Virginia. I did my internship and residency in Family Practice at Andrews AFB, MD, and then served tours at Mather AFB, CA., RAF Upper Heyford, U.K., and Eglin AFB, FL. At RAF Upper Heyford I was a flight surgeon for an F-111 squadron, and at Eglin AFB was the program director for a family practice residency. I retired from the Air Force in 1996 with 25 years service and joined a family practice group in Fort Walton Beach, FL, where I currently have been practicing for the last 6 years.
I met and married my wife Diana at Duke University in 1971. Our son, James, is 26, and an intern at Travis AFB, CA. Our daughter, Sara, is 22 and graduating this year from Duke University, then is going into the Air Force to be an Aerospace Physiologist at Tyndall AFB, FL.
We attended the HHS reunion in Heidelberg in 1996 and hope to make the one in 2006.
Wow, when you condense your life into a few short paragraphs, it sure is humbling. But then, the details I've left out are much more interesting. Here are a few: I am a private pilot, but don't fly much anymore. My son was quite a runner in high school, #2 in the state mile (4:12) and cross-country, and ran on both teams at Stanford University. He is following in my footsteps as an Air Force family physician and flight surgeon. My daughter will be working closely and flying with an F-15 wing, and has already flown with them twice. Both kids have attended school on ROTC scholarships, much to my delight.
I haven't seen or heard from many HHS classmates until the reunion in 1996. This is a great way to catch up and keep in touch. If anyone who remembers me lives in my area, or is planning on visiting this area, let me know. Thanks, Lane, for organizing all this.
Pete Senechal ('67)

Hey Lane!! Fun reading all the great information from everyone. Thank you
for monitoring the historical transformations of all of us H-Bergers!!!

Arrived in H-berg in 65. PHV top floor for a while (anybody remember
climbing the stairs????) Then moved to only the third floor overlooking the
football field at PHV (anybody remember the "locker room" with our football
uniforms that stood tall all by themselves?)

Spend much of my summers in Biarritz, France surfing and having lots of fun.
Even won a few trophies there.

Dated several extremely nice your ladies at HHS. Each hold the highest
regards from me and forever fond memories. It was a pleasure knowing you and
I smile at our shared lives. I was honored to date individuals like Marsha
Perrigo and Peggy Worth.

I cannot believe that I stayed in H-berg after my family rotated back to CA.
I remember arriving in H-berg dragging my heels and my finger nails made
cavernous foam marks across the Atlantic (went to Europe on the USS Patch if
any of you remember the troop transports that a few of us got to "enjoy"). I
graduated at the Castle and was gone several days later. Never returned!

Went straight to college. During my freshman year I became seriously
committed to skiing. Graduated college. During college I taught skiing and
did the patrol route to get free skiing too. Saw Cherie Charles briefly.
Broke my leg again (first time in H-berg during homecoming). Uncle Sam asked
me to try out for the military and got 4-f'ed because my leg looked like a
bent bean pole. Met and dated Nancy Lamb during college. Went on to work for
the DOD after college. Ran a ski area in Alaska for a number of years.
Married a college sweety- Cathy (going on 30 years now).

Decided to thaw out and moved back to CA where I did all the cool things you
do in Southern CA. Cathy and I started our family (3 children). Worked in
the sports world for many years. Started some businesses. Ok, some bad, some

Moved to central CA and watched our three kids grow. Unfortunately we lost
our oldest son about 6 years ago. I started a foundation in his honor to
help kids all over the world. Guess you might say it took 30 years to be an
overnight success as the foundation has become a large entity in helping
families everywhere. Now my wife and I travel too much! I ,work with many
organizations. Strange how the loss and it's tragedy has turned so positive
to help so many.

So here I am today, still working to make the world a better place.
Retirement will be far off.

Saw Larry & Char Jorgensen a couple of times in the San Diego area. Visited
with a group of 1967 & 1966 HHS in Park City, UT last year. Lots of fun.
Visited with Ron Smith in FL a couple of weeks ago. Would enjoy hearing from
everyone out there too. Love to fly fish!

And now, Heidelberg and that time in our lives will always be great
memories. I will cherish knowing fine individuals in each of you and look
forward to visiting those that I may see in my continuous journey. My best
to each of you for you all made a remarkable impression on me to this day.

Lance Landre, 1967
Heidelberg Uber Alles!!!!

Hello, i dont think we ever met,,, but i do appreciate the effort you have undertaken in the distribution of news relating to HHS.... I attended elem, jr, HS at Heidelberg...from 1957-1968. The beauty of this all is that i was at "home" there...the reverse of the majority that attended the Heidelberg School System,,,, it is with great interest that i read all the correspondence that emenates from your me coming to the USA was like you all going to Germany in a way,,, though i am American, i am fluent in German,,,thanks again, for having me on your mailing list ! Warmest Regards, H W Schrader '69 ps, my brothers Robert R. and Thomas E.. also graduated from HHS

OK Lane, I give - while you and I have been in touch pretty often, I have not
responded specifically to the "Funny Thing about the Past" yet, so here goes.

For each person who has responded that I remember from 65-66, I can conjure up
some pretty fun images. Going to the Teen Club, playing Foosball, and being
young in such a lovely place was a gift to each of us. (Thank you Terry Miller
for the Nuremberg Steuben reference; I was back in Heidelberg in the early 80's
and found Pops and the Rot Ox, but no one had heard of the NS.) I enjoy reading
everyone's recollections fondly and would welcome a stateside reunion, but have
to work around a teaching schedule.

Let?s see I arrived in Heidelberg from Hanau (1962-64) in the summer of 1964 and
graduated in the Castle in 1966. We lived in Patrick Henry Village. My Junior
prom date was Sandy McHugh and Senior year it was Gail Farnsworth. My gang
included Rich and Steve Inman (Steve lives here in Milwaukee and we got together
to visit last summer). If memory serves me correctly, I recall Scott Blissette,
Amos Goodall, Tom Griffin, Jim Head, Kevin Dugan, Bill Eggiman, Werner Arenz,
Chauncey Sage, Bill Pachler, Terry Bysinger and many others whiling away some
serious time on non-academic pursuits late into the evening. I used to sit next
to Dolly Ferguson on the bus and thought she was so stylish and hip I?d be
nervous just talking to her. Dating included Vicki Coon, Pat Gordon and the
lovely Sandy. I had a big crush on ?nah?it?s too late.

My scholastic record was pitiful, so I attended a college prep school in
Connecticut for a year and then went to Fairfield University for a year before
reverting to my old ways. Accounting was just not my cup of tea. The army came
calling and for three years my life was not my own including two in Vietnam as a
communications specialist in Nha Trang. I returned and went to Kansas State for
undergrad and Northern Illinois University for grad school. Mr. Lehr would fall
over if he found out that I teach art and a survey class and run the gallery at
UW-Whitewater near Milwaukee. I?ve been married to Donna for 17 years and we
live on the East Side of Milwaukee near Lake Michigan.

For anyone who remembers me warming the bench on the soccer team, my athletic
days were in front of me; I began running in the mid 70?s and began doing
marathons a few years back. My training buddies are half my age, but it keeps
the conversation interesting.

Because of your diligence, Lane, I have been in contact with many of my old
buddies and that's been a treat. Thanks for making all of this possible.

Mike Flanagan '66

Hi Lane
Thanks for finding me againAll these memories are truly amazing. We(Carl
and the rest of the family) lived in Heidelberg from 1963 -1968, so Carl got
to graduate from there, but I did not. I did get to go to the prom that
year with Charlie Hodges. Louise Weeks also lived with us for half a year
and that was really a wonderful experience and probably the closest came to
ever having a sister. I ended up graduating from HS in Northern Virginia,
attended college in New York , quit that worked at the pentagon and ended up
married to a Jim Bryan who I met at West Point. We'll have been married
thirty years this summer, three kids Patrick an Aggie now in law school at
Univ. of Oklahoma, a daughter in her last yearnat VCU and Daniel a freshman
in HS here in central Va, Fluvanna County HS. We have lived all around the
world and had the good fortune to have one assignment in beautiful
Heidelberg, living right down the street from the house we lived in in PHV.
I even worked woth Rich Bennett, Sarah Lawlor Pearce and others on the
reunion in 1996. What a great time. My daughter Cassie was the one child
who got to attend Heidelberg and true to form never quite forgave us for
making her move before finishing her High School years. She and Sarah and
Bill Pearce's daughter Mary found us a constant source of embarassment / It
was nice to know Sarah and I could still cause a little trouble.
Over the years I have run into people from Heidelberg and it always seems
that the years just drop away and the friendships are still there. Even
Louise Weeks was here visiting a few weeks ago and it was absolutely
wonderful to have a liitle time.
Carl is in the Army as a dentist as the commander of the Dental Clinic in
Hanau, married to a Romanian Dentist. Even the little brother Kelly is in
the Army as a Colonel at the Pentagon
Keep up the stories, they evoke so many happy memories
Mandy (Kruger) Bryan 1970

Ok, com'on Gang....let's get some more of you to only takes a few minutes to do......Thanks, Lane

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