23 April 03

Dear Fellow HHS Alumni.....When I sent out my article "Funny Thing about the Past" to you all, I had no idea of the responses I would receive so (as you know) I "cut and pasted" all your responses and started mailing them back to you. Since then I have had many requests to keep this kind of thing going. I have decided to start another "Thread" and the Topic is: "A Short Life History since HHS". Please include the following: When you arrived/left Heidelberg, did you graduate from the Castle, who all did you date in High School, who was your Prom date(s), where do you live now, what do you do for a living, have you been back to HB since you left (way back when)...and a brief history as what you have done since you left HB to now.......PLEASE GIVE YOUR CLASS YEAR WHEN YOU SIGN OUT WITH YOUR NAME.........I'll start.

I arrived in HB in the fall of '64 and graduated from the Castle in June of '66. We were Civilians and my Dad worked for John Deere and we lived in Schwetzigen and I took the bus to school every day. I dated a few girls but the love of my life my Senior year was Judy Caughey '69 (we spent the day together back in '94, 28 years later, at her home in Virigina)...she was my '66 Senior Prom Date. My Junior Prom date was Linda Gamble. I went on the '66 Class trip to London, the '65 Holy Land trip and many other ski trips to Berchtesgaden and traveled around Europe extensively. After graduation I left HB and went back to Iowa and attended Upper Iowa University and received my BA Degree. The following two summers (67 and 68) I went back to HB and worked at the John Deere Mannheim Tractor Works. During these two summers I got to know many members of the Classes of 67 and 68.

I was in the US Army for four years, stationed at Ft. Sill, OK for most of my tour of duty. I was an Alcohol and Drug Counselor at the first "Half Way House" the Army ever had for guys coming back from Vietnam......wow, was that ever a trip! I worked in the Agricultural Equipment field with John Deere and Massey Ferguson for almost 30 years. For the past seven years I have worked at John Elway Toyota here in Denver. I was married for 23 years and have four children and six Grandchildren and I have been single for the past 11 years. I've only been back to HB once, for the 96 All Years Reunion......man was that ever a blast and trip down Memory Lane. I was all set to attend the '01 reunion but my Birth Mother passed away the night before I was to fly to Frankfurt. I do plan on attending the '06 HB reunion. I have been looking for HHS Alumni since '91 and have loved every minute of it......the responses I get when I find someone new is my reward for what I do......I have also organized and supported three Estes Park Colorado reunions since '98. My Homepage: Heidelberg Lions '66

Lane W. Ellis
HHS c/o '66

Ok, let's hear from ALL of you so everyone can learn about their Classmates......Who's first??

(25 Apr 03)

I'm writing this because recently I got to see Debbie Ferguson, one of my best friends in Heidelberg. We had not seen each other since 1966 in Germany. She called me out of the blue and it really touched me. We had a lovely visit together that I hold dear. I just want to state we are both still thin and gorgeous!
I arrived in Heidelberg in 1964 as a Freshman. My brother, Dave, and I quickly made friends. Steve & Rick Inman, Brad and Les Loo, Bob Spitzer, Chuck Wood, Annie Walker (I want to see you!), Hilary Parkinson, DeeDee Clary, Jeanne Wood & Terry Bysinger, Vicky Baker, Lance Landry, Pete Senechal, Susan Gordon, Jeanne Carr, Debbie Them, Helen Hathaway, Susy Fredericks, Patsi Coon, Robin Allen, Eileen Bennett....gosh, I know I'm leaving out SCADS of people.....It's not because I don't still have wonderful feelings toward you....I'm pretty sure it's because of the acid I took in the 70s. I have "selective" memory...Oh well, who doesn't?
Heidelberg felt like family. I know it's been said many times. But, there was a closeness between us when we lived there. I had been born in Germany so it was a thrill to be back.
I ended up in Kansas City for my senior year of high school. What was especially sweet was that Terry and Jeanne Bysinger were living in KC at the same time. We had a very nice friendship during that time. I know you two are in Munich and I would love to see you both again.
I ended up going to the Conrad Hilton School of Hotel/Restaurant management at the University of Houston. After a short cameo appearance in the private club business I ended up working for the Magic Pan in San Francisco. I worked at several of their restaurants on the West coast living in Laguna Beach, La Jolla and Los Angeles.
I moved to Austin, Texas in the early 80s and worked for Hyatt Hotels. I ended up in 1991 in New Orleans, LA.....the most European city I could find in the U.S.
This is the longest I've lived ANYWHERE, and it's home.
I have been with my partner, Kevin Wu, since 1992. Kevin is from Tsingtao, China. He jumped ship in New Orleans in 1991 and received political asylum. He had been caught passing information about Tianaman Square and was going to be sent back to China to be put in prison. He became a U.S. citizen in 1998.
We opened B&W Courtyards Bed & Breakfast in 1995. We are the 3rd owners of our 1854 Creole house. We have 3 spoiled rotten miniature schnauzers (everyone says, "Kevin's come a LONG WAY from eatin' em to lovin' em!") We also have a 60LB African spurred turtle, Marilyn Monroe. Luckily, she's crazy about dog shit!
When we are not working 24/7 at the B&B we love to travel. I have every intention of making it to the 04 reunion in Colorado....and would really enjoy being a part of the 06 reunion in Heidelberg.
Thank you Lane for bringing so many fond memories to us!

Rob Boyd class of 1969
B&W Courtyards
B&W Courtyards - Bed & Breakfast, New Orleans, Louisiana

I'm not shy. (Dee Duncan '65)
I arrived in HB the summer before my junior year and graduated in the castle
in 65. Junior year I dated Chuck Scotton, now O'Brien. Senior year, for
awhile anyway, dated Bob Houk. Went to the senior prom with Victor Belba,
who was a great friend with a wonderful sense of humor.

Went to college for a year in Kentucky, then moved to Texas when my folks
retired. Kept going to school (meanwhile getting married and having a
daughter) until I got my Ph.D.--by then in my second (and last! 26 years
now) marriage to another professor where I taught art history for 20 years.
Took early retirement to move to Ketchum, Idaho (Sun Valley ski resort)
where we opened a functional pottery shop to sell our work.
(Undergraduate degree in ceramics. Nothing more practical than that, ha ha)
Husband has not quit his day job and so comes to Idaho on school vacations.
We've been back to Heidelberg twice.
(I did my doctoral research in Switzerland, so we went to Europe a lot
before we bought our house in Ketchum in 1986.) Went to Heidelberg for our
first anniversary in 1978, stayed at the Hotel Ritter, and amazing
coincidence, had dinner there the night of the HHS prom. Lots of kids
eating there, too. Nostalgia overload, since that's where we ate the night
of my senior prom.
Jump to 2000 when I first heard of militarybrats.com and got back in touch
with old friends. Sharon Brown "Bennie Arnold," who was my best friend, and
Chuck Scotton, now O'Brien, are friends who e-mail regularly. Other former
close friends such as Larry Line, John Hogan, Les Noble, Rich Porter, have
been in touch. ( At least I remember them as being close friends! They may
not share this notion. I haven't found Kim Christiansen or Nancy Bell yet,
or Victor Belba.) It has been wonderful, although my daughter thinks it
strange that when I find someone "new" we always want to know "Did you have
any kids?" and, if so, "How did they turn out?"
Can't tell Lane Ellis how much he has helped to enrich my life with the Heid
elberg connection. Most of my adult friends lived in the same town (or
vicinity) all their lives. My daughter still sees friends from elementary
school regularly! What a concept.
Dee Duncan Dianne Taylor


Heidelberg was a very special place for all of us. ?In part because we were in the prime of our lives, nearly adults without any cares or bills to pay. ?I have many very fond memories.

I arrived in 1965. My family was originally supposed to go to Orleans France. ?Charlie DeGaulle kicked the U.S. out of France and we were diverted to Heidelberg. ?Thank God!!

I graduated in 1968 at the Castle. ?People still don't believe me when I the story of the Schloss. ?I dated Jan Huckaby, Linda Pace, and Eileen Foley. ?I also had a lot of crushes. ?Unfortunately, Sue, Debbie, Sally, and Claudia will never know because I was too shy to let them know - even today!

After Heidelberg I went into the Army. ?The year 1968 wasn't the best time to ?be in the Army. ?I was a clerk and found myself in Korea in 1969. ?After the Army, I went back to school and earned a B.S. degree from George Mason. ?While I had planned to work for a large accounting firm, I went to work for the General Accounting Office (GAO). ?Accounting was pretty boring, so I started working on Defense studies of major weapons systems (submarines, cruise missiles, mine warfare)for the rest of my carreer. ?I did have one opportunity to return to Heidelberg in the mid 1980s. I was on loan to the House Appropriations Committee and spend 3 weeks in Germany. ?We only spent 2 days in Heidelberg - rats! ?

Well, 25 years flew by and I was lucky enough to retire early in October 2001. ?Less money, but a good decision. ?My wife and I now live in -get this- BUMPASS Virginia. ?My license plate is "BUMPAZZ". ?I am proud to be a Bumpassonian! ?Actually, I live at Lake Anna which is in central Virginia and about an hour and half from the D.C. area where I still have friends and family.

I have three children. ?My youngest is a Marine and is just now leaving Baghdad. ?He worried us to no end while he was a teenager, and now this! ?I finally figured out it is okay to worry. ?In fact, as a parent, it's our job. ?My oldest son is a computer weeny (defined as a kid who makes more money than his old man) and my daughter (middle child) is married and works in telecom. ?I should mention that my youngest son, Dan, made us grandparents (I am not ready to be a grand dad). ?Taylor Karman Perrigo is the new light of our lives.

Thanks for giving us a forum to write about our Heidelberg experiences.

Jack Perrigo '68
(retired fed and lovin it)


Where did you live in Schwetzingen? My father was a civilian also, he
waorked at Pfaudler there in Schwetzingen. We lived on Richard Wagner Str.
There were several of us all at one bus stop there in town just wondering if
you were one of us?

Roger Domras '65

Hi Lane,

I arrived in H-berg in the summer of "63" and attended high school from the 10th grade through graduation in 1967. I also remember the prom and graduation at the castle and dinner in the Schloss WeinStube. I left Heidelberg in the summer of "67" to attend school at New Mexico Military Institute in preparation to attend the Air Force Academy. Unfortunately that didn't occur. I returned to Florida and attended St Petersburg Junior College until I entered the Air Force in June of 1969. I didn't renew my student deferment and got drafted. Boy was that brilliant. Well, I finished my education in the military while traveling all over the world. I spent 22 years in the Air Force, which included tours in Thailand, Alaska, 3 tours in Germany (Berlin, Spangdahlem AB, and Ramstein AB with a short tour at Traben Trarbach on the Mosel which was close to Hahn AB). I dated a couple of ladies in H-berg. My junior year I dated Terri Thomas. My senior year I fell in love with Margaret Ann Funke better known as Peggy. What a great time we had together. Our short time together was special and she made my senior year a time to remember. My military career was somewhat diversified in the fact that I was an Air Policeman, an administrative specialist, and finally a weather forecaster/observer/station chief. I attended the H'berg reunion in "88" or was it "89". Must be getting old. I had hoped to attend the last two in H'berg, but it didn't work out. My wife and I plan on attending in 2006. Arrangements are already being made. I retired from the Air Force in 1991 as an E-7. From there I moved back to Tampa, Florida where I worked as a weather observer for the, "you guessed it", United States Air Force out of Macdill AFB. A year later I moved to the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida where I worked for 4 years. In 1994 I moved to the weather station at Homestead ARB, FL and that is where I'm at now. I am presently the Chief of Weather for the 482 Fighter Wing. I just can't seem to get away from the military. I started at 2 years old with my father and 51 years later. Just a tidbit; I had lunch with Lance Landre two weeks ago while he was here in Miami and we are going to see Ric Owens and his wife this weekend in Ft Lauderdale for lunch/dinner. Lane, great job you've done with this site. Keep it up.

Rod "Ron" Smith "1967"

Well, I'll try to keep this short; but you have to admit it's a lot of ground to cover. You did a great job!

I arrived in Heidelberg in 1963 with my family who had been stationed in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. We first lived in Pfaffengrund until we got housing in Patrick Henry Village (Little Big Horn Street). When my father left the family we moved with my mother to Sandhausen. I commuted by bus to HHS. Hung out mostly with Pat Gordon and Susie Spina. My junior prom date (or rather escort) was one of the Harvester boys. My senior prom date was Gil Davis. Was engaged to him for almost a year. Graduated from the Schloss in June of 1966. Immediately after graduation I began to work for the Accounting Policy Division, Comptroller, Headquarters USAEUR in Heidelberg. Met my husband there and we were married in the Lutheran Church downtown Heidelberg in 1968. We traveled extensively. In 1969 we moved to Daytona Beach, then Jacksonville, then Gainesville and settled in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He is Florida boy! We had three boys; Darryl, Sean and Brandon. Darryl and his wife, Martha-Maria, gifted us with a beautiful granddaughter, Alyssa, almost two years ago. Unfortunately, they live in Waco, Texas so we only see each other twice a year. After leaving Heidelberg I worked at the VA Hospital in Gainesville, Florida. Upon arriving in Fort Lauderdale I became a housewife and mother. My entire family moved down here also in the 1970's. I started my own typing service which I maintained for about 12 years. Attended massage school in 1992 and became a licensed therapist which I still practice part time. Ten years ago I got a job as secretary to the Fire Chief in North Lauderdale (suburb of Ft. Lauderdale). Am still there working for 45 firemen and three chiefs. Yes, ladies, you can envy me; firemen are something else!! Throughout the years I have been in touch with Toi (Marie) Houk, Pat Gordon, Harry Burks (who visited me recently) and Susie Spina (and of course, Lane!). I have been separated (yes, separated) from my husband for the past 24 years (has it really been that long?). We have always gotten along well, and recently have started seeing each other again (weird, aren't we?). Went to Germany about 3 years ago to the town where I was born and where my Mom is from. Couldn't make myself make that trip to Heidelberg. Memories of that town are so beautiful that I want to keep it that way forever. As Mr. Micket told us one day in class "You can never go back home again." That is how I feel about it. Afraid if I go and see all the changes, it will never be the same again. I like to keep Heidelberg in a corner of my heart ("Ich Hab Mein Herz in Heidelberg Verloren"). If anyone is ever down this way, I would love to have you stop by. My home is open to any Heidelberger.

Great idea. Love you Lane!!

Ginnie (Reile) Stuhr
Class of 1966

Thanks for all the information on HHS alums. I have enjoyed reading about old friends.

I attended HHS from 1964-1967. That was 8th through 10th grades for me. My best friend was Bev O'Connell and my other buddies were the JV cheerleading squad (Debbie Ferguson, Dee Dee Clary, Nancy Lamb, Bev and Beth Thomas), Celeste York, and Patsy Coon.

As a freshman, I dated Carl Kruger until he decided to go out with Gail Lane. I understand he is a dentist now--so I guess it was for the best.

My father was transferred from Heidelberg to Cannon AFB in Clovis, NM after my sophomore year, so I didn't make it to the prom--at least not at the castle. Instead, I got to dance in the school gymnasium. There were lots of cowboy boots in attendance.

After high school, I attended Rice University in Houston. When I graduated, I joined the Peace Corps and spent two years teaching vegetable gardening in the highlands of Guatemala. Then I returned to Houston, got a Master's in Public Health and spent several more years working in Bolivia, Sierra Leone and Honduras.

I met my husband in Honduras--he was working for the State Department in Nicaragua at the time. We moved from Tegucigalpa to Madison, Wisconsin (my hometown) for him to study library sciences. Since then we've lived in Texas and have raised two children (now teenagers).

We currently live in El Paso where I am the Deputy Director of the regional office of the Texas Department of Health. I have enjoyed hearing about all of you and hope you are well and happy.

Gale Morrow '69

Let's see. I went to three different high schools, one in Monterey, one in Paris, then finished in Heidelberg, graduating in the castle. My junior prom date was Amos Goodall, and my senior prom date was Victor Root. I think that is right. Hmm. I was political, balletic, full of thoughts, very anorexic. My dad was a doctor-army general, hospital director; my mom was his bright companion, linguist. They were very social, as I suppose everyone was.
From HS i went to Swarthmore College, premed, continued extremely political and more and more enamoured of dance. Eventually switched to art history, then dropped out, went to mime school, danced, went back to college, and finished at Swarthmore in 1972 in a rather drifty manner.
I moved to NYC, where I danced my heart out - or in, performing in a mime troupe, several dance companies, and taught at the Merce Cunningham Studio. I also taught 3rd grade, worked for an architect, worked as a caterer, and any other thing I could manage to do and also dance. I met Peter Nichols, writer, in 1975, and we became a pair, eventually married, eventually had my daughter Ana in 1980. She has been the most amazing gift of my life.
Let's see. Along the way, I broke my back in a car accident, went to grad school, did not finish, moved to Ct. with Peter, divorced, ran a dance studio, got sober, taught alot of dance and yoga, became a massage therapist, raised my daughter, met performer and sculptor Dan Potter, moved in together, with my daughter, in 1989, in Stonington, Ct. I continue to live with Dan, and together we run a mask theatre company (the Mystic Paper Beasts), and manage a rehearsal space (the Dragon's Egg), which we designed and built My daughter has graduated from NYU Tisch and is in LA working in the industry for her first year out of school.
I am often gloriously happy, and have a fabulous life full of light and family and friends and work that i love (that does not pay much!!), and am grateful for all the crazy and serene times. I wish you well. namaste, Marya Ursin '67

First of all, I want to thank you for all your time and effort in keeping
everyone in touch. My hat is off to you!

I arrived in Heidelberg in the early part of '63. The middle of my sophmore
year. We had to live off post for awhile and I really felt like a fish out
of water. But not for long! People were open, friendly, and quick to make
friends with the new kids. Was I ever thankful.

Had the same date for both my Jr and Sr Proms - Roger Horst. He still
remains a close friend. Will never forget the 65 Senior Trip to London-My
mother was a chaperone. Had a great time inspite of her presence. Took a
Teen Club trip to Berlin that I remember, also an Army Daughters trip to
Buerchgarten (sp?) that I have fond memories of. I believe that it was
Robin Christenson (now Crossland) and I that decided to take a sled down the
mountain that was supposed to take 20 min or so and took us about an hour
because we could not keep the sled on the track!

Graduated in the castle. Came back to the states and attended Murray State
University in Murray, KY. Met my husband, had 2 beautiful children, and was
married 15 years. After my divorce I think I became a gypsy. Got the
children thru college, moved to Louisville, KY where I was lucky enough to
work for Makers Mark Distillery ( the bourbon with the red wax on top). Saw
a few people from Heidelberg, thanks to Robin, and had a wonderful time
visiting Page Holbrook in FL.

Six years ago, I remarried, and now live in Madison, IN. A beautiful little
town. Quiet, safe, small. I work for a Tool & Die shop, Clifty
Engineering, which employes about 115 people. Mostly young boys. They are
a treat each and every day. My husband and I own part of a small local
radio station. Ken is probably close to the world's oldest DJ. After some
time out of the business his hearts desire was to get back in front of a
mike. How many of us can say that at 60 years of age we are doing what we
love best?

My days are filled with joy and love. My goals in life are to be happy and
have friends. My children are wonderful adults. What more could one ask

If anyone is ever interested and able to get to this area, I would love to
see them. And keep on letting me know the goings on. Might surprise one
and all, including myself, and quit digging in my back yard long enough to
attend a function.

Patty Crosby Trimble '65

Dear Lane,

I've been in and out of Heidelberg most of my adult life. I went home every summer from university, and then just as my parents were leaving, I married and ended up living in Heidelberg again. I have been married to Gary since 1973, thirty years this June.

As military people, we spent most of our time in Europe and the Middle East. Retired from the military, went to Riyadh - Saudi Arabia, then we were blessed with five years in Kaiserslautern, and now Gary is managing base operations at As Saliyya in Doha, Qatar. Life is funny; I ended up doing my Masters in IR with Boston University while we were in Mannheim - commuting to Heidelberg High School. Most of my classes were in Ms. Buries algebra room.

We have one son, Andy, who just passed the bar in Florida and wants to work for the US government. We are so proud of him. My work career has been broken by frequent moves, but includes working for the State Department and the American Red Cross. My best job was in Tampa working for a foundation. I discovered an unknown talent as a fundraiser, and was able to raise, literally, millions for kids with college ambitions but without financial resources. It was challenging, gratifying and fun!

We travel, now mostly in Africa. In Doha, a sweet and beautiful city, I take Arabic lessons and quilt. I correspond from time to time with Jeanne Rolig and Louise Weeks, both of whom I admired greatly in high school.

We are thankful God has blessed us immeasurably, and wish the same blessings for you, Lane, and all our friends and classmates. Hope to see you in early December!

Patricia (Gormley) McGraw
HHS 1966

(27 Apr 03)

Dear Lane and friends from '63-- '65--it's Lori LaFerriere writing (thought you readers might want to know early on, who is writing!) Thanks to yours & others efforts, Lane, I have been back in touch with some wonderful "old" friends by email. Missing the last reunion in H-berg, and the opportunity to see so many of you folks was a disappointment...can't wait until the next one!
Anyway, my life in a nutshell???? I'm a "shrink", Ph.D. clinical psychologist, working in fulltime private practice, in beautiful Western Michigan. I'm married to a wonderful person, Ron Bogart, who teaches special education in high school. We live on 10 acres in the middle of hundreds of acres of farmland, near the Grand River, between Grand Rapids & Muskegon. We've had the good fortune of raising 4 great kids....and so the story goes.
I want to say something about our unique perspectives, as military brats, on the world's issues of peace, and reconciliation after war. I've found it very easy and natural to counsel former vets with PTSD; in my last job, I lived & worked for 3 years at the VFW National Home for Children. It was like a 3 year tour of duty at a military base. And, it almost drove me crazy the way some of my years following my father's military career around. Being able to talk with each other about our mutual & unique perspectives about our years in H-berg, seems very relevant to understanding our post-war status in the Middle East.
Anyway, on a lighter note, taking a stroll down memory land with some of you...Heidelberg was the one opportunity I had in my life to be at one school for 3 consecutive years. I treasure the memories of the friends I knew there, especially my Jr. & Senior Years--knowing Marti, Jimmy, Hugh A., Schoonie, John D., all of whose images still show up in my dreams occasionally, was very signifcant for me. Through these email communications, I found each of them again, and knowing each of them is alive, and doing interesting, good works in the world...is very reassuring to me. I so look forward to seeing my old classmates in Heidelberg again soon......In the meantime, please write to me if you'd like at this address: LLaFerriere1@msn.com. I really don't think I've changed a whole lot inside...except I can't do cartwheels anymore!!!


Starting with a little background; I was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1947 and remained there until my father was transferred from the Austrian Occupation Force to 7th Army Headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1955. After five years there, we followed my father's next transfer to USAREUR HQ in good old Heidelberg - actually Mark Twain Village - where I was enrolled in the eighth grade in 1960. I graduated from Heidelberg High (after no dating to speak of - sorry) via the Schloss in 1965 and that fall traveled to East Lansing, Michigan - experiencing more than a little cultureshock in the process - to attend the first-year edition of the experimental Justin Morrill College at Michigan State University. Taking Timothy Leary's advice (not really) I dropped out of MSU (for non-academic reasons) right after winter break and subsequently left East Lansing in the summer of 1966 for a succession of higher learning misadventures in Worcester and Boston, Massachusetts. Eventually coming
to terms with the the fact that living required money, I "enlisted" in the corporate workforce via United Fruit (Chiquita Banana) in 1968 and got married (far too young) the following year. We did welcome a son (Adam) in 1976 and a daughter (Aimee) two years later, finally adding some authentic joy to what was turning out to be a rather tense truce of a co-existence. In 1977 I left Chiquita to go to work for my father-in-law's small specialty adhesives company, a move I would ultimately come to regret. I remained employed there for 23 long years as the (continuously stressed-out) distribution manager until my psychiatrist "ordered" me onto mental disability leave early in 2000. My then-wife and I had separated prior to this in 1988 under calamitous circumstances and had officially been divorced in 1990. Not too surprisingly I also date my sobriety to that fateful October day in 1988 and have, by the grace of God, been in recovery and a very grateful member of both AA and Al-A
non ever since. This new outlook on life served me especially well in March of 1995 when I managed to survive both having a heart attack (ouch) and passing a kidney stone (double-ouch) in the same week. Prior to that, on Halloween (Iove the irony) of 1992 I had married my current wife Monica (this time knowing I had finally gotten it right), and her companionship has meant the world to me, especially during my various health challenges but of course also universally. Although I am now on SSDI (Social Security Disability) I prefer to consider myself retired, since in addition to being medically excused I also know that wild horses couldn't drag me back to the kind of misery I had experienced in my total of 31 years "on the job." Meanwhile, Monica has begun her own business as an organizational consultant and remains a wonderful spouse and all-around fantastic person. My son Adam (27) has taken his U. of Rochester philosophy background into the wine retail field ("in vino veritas"
), my daughter Aimee (24) is applying her Lesley U. education degree as a pre-school teacher, and my stepdaughter Katt (24) has channeled her energies into the childrens' apparel industry. I keep myself both content and busy with attending recovery group meetings, writing, movies, reading, walking, and web-surfing. My wife Monica and I both also love to travel, and have done so all over New England, with occasional forays to the Caribbean and Mexico. While she was enrolled in a (second) masters program in France that entailed making many trans-Atlantic trips to Paris she discovered the lively attractiveness of that city. I hadn't been there since the early '60's, so I was happy to join her for a couple of very enjoyable extended visits, and we'd be quite willing to go back again. All in all I have a lot to be thankful for, and I make a point of reminding myself of that every time I venture to complain about my life. The mantra I'm trying my best to adopt these days is "accepta
nce and gratitude." The last time I set foot in Heidelberg was in the fall of 1967, so I'm not sure I would
even recognize the town, much less find all my old "haunts," anymore. Monica would however very like to see "where I came from," so that in itself may provide the necessary impetus for me to get myself in gear to make a long-overdue visit to the "scene of the crime." Oh, and Go Lions!

Michael E. Weil (HHS Class of 1965)
1202 Greendale Avenue
Needham, MA 02492-4626
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