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Dear Fellow Alumni..... This is the third (#3) and Final Edition of Alumni Responses and other e-mails. Look closely you will find a couple "New Finds" among these responses.....enjoy!! Watch your e-mails next week, I will be starting a New "Thread" for you all to respond to.......


Okay, gang, it's that time again! The HHS Alumni newsletter is now available at
the following address:


I'm still looking for more Heidelberg Couples stories so if you know of
anyone, please ask them to contact me!

Chris Calcut '71


I'm having so much fun reading all these things!!! It's like a running diary that started in the 1960's and never ends....so many wonderful names keep popping up which, of course, make so many memories come to the surface...

Mike Weil, Dee Duncan, Marti Bravo, just on and on and on.....Dottie Werner and I are still trying to get together, but I guess its a sign of the times...we live 30 minutes from each other, but our lives are so hectic.....we've promised we'd get together VERY soon and I, for one, can't wait!

I don't know if any of you would be interested, but my son, Joshua Riffe, is a Cruise Director (the youngest one ever, says a proud mother!) and you can get very good rates for a party of 20 people or more.....not to mention special treatment if we go on a ship that he's on. Right now he's on the "Carnival Pride" out of Port Canaveral, FL...He, obviously, knows all the best beaches, restaurants, etc and it would be a gas to do a cruise together! Any takers for the future??

And, Larry Line,or anyone else for that matter, if you're going to Spain, please let me know where and when...remember, I lived on the Island of Menorca for 10 years, and sang all over Spain. I can turn you on to a lot of good places and people. In fact, has anyone heard from Werner Arenz? He was in Menorca the same time I was!!!

The Bertchesgarten photo brought back a flood of memories for me...I used to ski there a lot during high school and after....a very vivid memory was the night I missed the last bus up the mountain and I spent the night in the Army barracks. One of the ski patrolmen snuck (snuck??) me in, rushed me by the showers and got me a top bunk! I remember sneaking out at 5:30 AM before anyone else was up to catch the first bus up the hill!!!! How typical....me and 30 men! You've got no idea how noisy 30 snoring soldiers can be!!! And they never knew I was there!!!! Ah, to be young again! The closest I ever got to that situation again was about 7 years ago when I went to sea with my husband, a Captain on huge oil tankers, for 3 months.....there were 40 men on that stint!! Believe me, you haven't eaten until you've eaten an Italian spaghetti dinner cooked by a Pakestani Cook on a Greek tanker!!! By the time we left the ship, I learned how to cook a mean curry, and the Cook learned how to cook Western omelettes.

My God, the stories we could all tell each other!! And Roger Lehr, if you read this, I'm back in the Art Room again ....and in high school!! I'm throwing clay on the wheel again.....I'm in an ongoing night class.....and would you believe that my instructor is a 38 year old master potter who loves music from the '60's and that's all he plays....it doesn't get better than that.

Keep well, Lane....you're quite a guy

Barbara Starken (Riffe)(Goldman)!!!! '65. Barbara@BarbaraStarken.com


It was so great to get your email!! You are a beautiful writer and your article is so true. Don Dickson was up my way (New Jersey) a few months ago and stayed overnight with my husband and me. He looks and is doing great. He is a Prof and has published a bunch of books! It was amazing how quickly I felt completely understood in our conversations. I think the combination of the nomadic life and adolescence leaves a permanent imprint. Obviously we were all stationed other places at other times but,at least for me, no other time is quite so vivid.
Andy Hankins Schellman and I went on to college together. Her email address is JSchellman@earthlink.com. She lives in Va., married, 3 kids, editor. We're going to see each other next month for our 30 year college reunion!!!! Gads, we are so old!!!! :)
Bruce Landry(68) and I have been emailing. I'm not at home but if you need his email address just let me know. He ,too, is doing well. Was a policeman in Md., then a pilot and now works for the FAA. Married, one daughter.
Sue Hardin Hawver and I were emailing and then I lost her!? She was in Fla.. Got one email from Bebe Gaines (Texas) but couldn't seem to get a response to go thru.
Please keep me on your lists and keep in touch!

Libby Rhett '69

You're the best!!!! Address is still correct. Phone is 973-543-1295.
Thanks for all the updates. Andy was 1969. "Andy Hankins"
Go Lions!!!



Do you have any address or info on Betty Widmer 1965? (No I don't..anyone out there have any?)

Robert Clegg '65


Thought I would let you know that Harry Burks (1963-1965) and I met up here in Fort Lauderdale yesterday. What a rush!! We did nothing but talk, talk, talk up until he left. It was wonderful talking (in person) to somebody you have known from the fifth grade!! What was especially great for me was that he was an Air Force Major until retirement so I got to hear even more military talk. How I've missed that in my life. Was also such a thrill to speak to somebody about "Oma" and "Opa" "Tante" and "Onkel" and not have to explain what those words mean since he and I both have German mothers. To listen to somebody pronounce the German cities with the proper pronunciation -- great, great, great. Time just passed by too quickly. The last time we had seen each other (briefly in Heidelberg High School) we are all so young and so full of promise. Now we are much older and full of wisdom and memories. Where did the time go?

Thank you again, Lane, for making this possible. If not for you he would never have found me on the internet and made the first contact a year ago. This meeting probably never would have happened. If this has been your mission in life to reunite so many diversified people scattered throughout the world, then you have been more than successful. You have made a lot of people happy through your continuing efforts. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have a special place in my heart.

Love, Ginnie Reile '66

Greetings, Lane.
I was going through books and came across my HHS yearbook a couple of weeks ago, then happened some time later on a high school site on my computer, and now receive this. There must be some loop at work at this moment connecting us with our pasts, or at least this seems to be true for me. I was quite a serious waif when in high school, walked my path alone to a great extent, but I have warm memories and would love to hear from fellows of that time. I ended up becoming a performer - dancer/mime, and now am artistic director of a children's theatre in Connecticut. I hope all is well, namaste, Marya Ursin, 1967 (I shifted my name from Mary to Marya when I was 20 and living in Paris with a variety of versions of m. being used, and so I chose the one that felt best...)

My apologies for deleting your mail. I guess I did not recognize the address and just let it go. My address is 8 Hancox St., Stonington, Ct. 06378, 860 444 7247, and I graduated in 1967. No, I've not been in touch with anyone. I saw Diane Tuttle once in San Antonio -but I believe she was at Paris American High? and I heard from Victor Root, but that was years and years ago. Amos Goodall, goodness, and his mother still lives? Where are you and how are you. namaste, marya Ursin '67

Victor Root - the last contact I had with him was perhaps in the 70s and he was living in England, settled there, it seemed, so perhaps he is still there. I lived in Fitzsimmons for two years, drove through about ten years ago and passed Aurora Junior High School, and once again was struck with chilly terror. But other memories mostly about trees and imaginary creatures abound from the hospital post. And I taught at Naropa, a two week residency in mask, loved that. Diane was married to an Army psychologist, last I heard.
I have one gorgeous daughter, Ana, who just graduated from NYU and is working in production at Revolution Studios in LA.
Off to bed. I teach yoga early early in the morning. namaste, marya

Hi Lane, thx for the notes... my reply to you was attributed to John Kelly
'69 instead of me John Hill '69???

One of us had a brain fart (or is that fahrt?)
I hate it when that happens.

Oh well, no big...
Do you remember Laurinda Harris '70.

John Hill '69

Dear Lane,

Thank you for taking the time to send these addresses along. I've had both of them written down in the not-too-distant past, but through simple negligence, have somehow let them slip through my fingers. Bebe and Libby were my closest friends in Heidelberg and to be in touch with them again is such a gift.

My best to you,

Susan Hardin '69

The Dark Ages are back and here in Las Vegas!!!! I'm here with Jimmy
and his lovely wife Yolly, visiting for the weekend. We just reviewed
ypur picture on stage at the teen club with the Dark Ages beat band.
Jim just showed me a picture of you in Canada with all your hair still
intact, we are debating wherther it's really your hair or a wig to
attract young fraleins.How can you get engaged at your age? Arent,t you
about 68 years old by now! I'm living in the bay area now, about 13
miles north of the Golden Gate bridge. I continued to play music all
these years , Last year I played at a club in Vancuver,B.C. solo. I've
had about 50 bands since leaving H-berg in 67, I also have recorded 3
alblums of original tunes which i will send to you when i get your
mailing address. Jim and I are trying to remember the order of drummers
. ie little freddy. jim cole, bob cutlip, uptous hopgaybower????,Do you
remember ? Help us please, all you guys, yea,yea,yea. Why don't we get
together[ all of us ,here in Vegas sometime this summer] although we are
planning a big reunion here in Vegas in October of all H-berg alumni
and all years.It would be alot of fun if we got together as a smaller
group also. Anyhow, looking forward to seeing /hearing from all you
guys and gals soon. peace and love
Rondo Beutler
Jimmy and Yolly Snider 6663 Isolated Ave
Las Vegas,Nev 89110 ph# 1-702-438-9429

Bye, bye now!!!!! Jim & Yolly


Thanks as always - these message are GREAT reading! Memories of people and faces, times and places, are being brought to the fore; it's simply amazing. You do good work; please keep it up for ALL our sakes!

Be well,
Michael Weil '65

Hey Lane, How are you? I'm in Las Vegas with Jim Snider and his lovely
wife Yolly. We were attempting to have a reunion here with alot of the
HB's[drinking fraternity] but I'm the only one that showed up. I'm
living in the bay area 13 miles north of the Golden Gate bridge.Still
playing music over all these years. I've been in about 50 bands and cut
two alblums of original music. Last year I went to Savanah,Ga and saw
Jimmy Pollicastro and his lovely wife Regina,Jerry Daniel,and his sister (Carolyn) and her
husband, Debby Ferguson,Dottie Warner,Robin Christenson and her husband
Gary ,
Chuck Camblor, Don Carbine. Scott Page and Bob Flowers and his lovely
wife Lynda.It was the 77 reunion with all alumni invited. Needless to
say we all drank alot and had a blast! Also last year I met with The
Dark Ages band members after 35 years, Jim Snider, Bob Watson and
myself. Our drummer Bob Cutlip could'nt make from Florida and guitarist
Charlie Bryan we had not contacted yet.I'm researching and planning a
reunion for all years and alumi this coming end of summer.Aug/Sept/Oct
2003. Depending on the best rates and lowest peak times I can get wile
i'm here in Vegas, I will keep you informed as conclusions are made. I
hope you can come out, I'm really looking forward toseeing you and
hearing about your adventures since leaving good old H-berg. Maybe you
can help me get the word out to as many people as we can. Theres a
casino called the Excalibur on the strip which is desighned as a
castle,.Would'nt it be cool to have the reunion there like the H-berg
castle where we had the prom. Gotta go now, we're headind to the strip
for Frankie Valiand the Four Seasons concert. then the poker room [Texas
Hold Em] all night . Great to hear from you and all alum, this so cool.
It's awesome that you put this together, thanks alot [feil uin dungcht
Anybody know where Lori Hannibal, Dee Dee Petrelli, or Jane Marks are?
E-Mail, address or Phone #'s would be great!!!! Love you all
Rondo Beutler 20 Shannon Ct
Novato,Ca 94949-4949 415-506-0224

Bye, bye now!!!!! Jim & Yolly


It has been with great interest that I have been reading the notes
you are sharing with our classmates. Even though I lived in downtown
Heidelberg with my mother's relatives and not at PHV or BFV, and even
though I was more a nerd than socialite, I, too, still feel a connection
to that wonderful class of 1966.
I was born in Heidelberg and, my family went back and forth between
the States and Germany three times. I could never have guessed that I
would spend my high school years and graduate from HHS, in my hometown!
I did come across some photos of the senior class Neckar River "cruise."
I will try to get a really good scan of these to share.
Keep up the communication and keep our servicemen/women in our prayers.
Please update you records: my new e-mail address is: justburns@mchsi.com

Norman Burns
Class of '66

In re-reading the emails, Bob Rhodes wasn' killed in Vietnam, was he?
I thought I recently read an email from him about someone he ran into
while he was in Vietnam, or did I dream that?

Also, do you have an email address for Mike Flanagan? I think it's the
Mike Flanigan whose father was a General. My Dad worked for his Dad in
Heidelberg for the SGS in the Command Building and wants me to find out
where his
Dad is. Sometimes you hesitate to ask since everyone's parents are
getting up
in years. Please let me know.


Linda (Gamble) Kelly '67

Hi Lane,

   Could I ask a favor of you? Would you send me a couple of pictures that you sent awhile ago: one of Peggy Marks, Carrie Douglas and me standing in front of some tiled writing on a wall (I'll bet you are scratching your head and asking, "Wha-a-a-t?") I have a scarf on my head. The second one is of me on a donkey. I've been forwarding the pictures that have come our way to our sons, and they have really been enjoying them. I have some good high school pictures, also including lots from the Holy Land trip, but as they are buried in our basement, I won't be able to get to them until Spring really breaks. That's when we get down there to dig out all our spring clothes! Anyway, thanks for all your trouble! Hope that you are doing fine!

Love ya, Genie Wood (Bysinger) '66

Hi Lane,
Sorry to say I haven't checked your home page yet, but I will. I was in
Heidelberg 1967-69, my junior and senior years and yes, I graduated at the

I've kept in touch, somewhat, with Tim Bradley, also class of '69, but he
was always a more reliable correspondent than I. I haven't heard from him
in about a year.

Andy/Andrea Hankins '69 Schellman


It is great to get your note. In July we will have been in Alaska for
three years. I cannot believe it has been that long already. We bought
a log cabin in June of last year. We just love it. I will have to send
a photo later. Our new address is:
           Larry and Robin Sutton
           PO Box 4909
           Palmer, AK 99645


I am just finishing my third year of teaching 2nd grade here. I work in
a private school.
EK - 12th grade. Very small and young but growing school. Next year I
will teach kindergarten. Larry is a rail mechanic for Princess Tours.
He enjoys the challenge but also looks forward to retirement. I'm not
sure it will happen soon enough.

Normandy, daughter-24, is living in Alaska and working at the Alyeska
Prince Hotel in Girdwood as the night front desk manager. She still
plans to attend school???? She is about 2 hours from us. Tyler,
son-21, is just moving here this month and will work on the Princess
train for the summer, which he did last year and then school we hope.
He will probably live with his sister. Jeremy, son-27, is still in
Atlanta. We expect he will stay there but you never know. He works and
sings with a band. Then there is Josie, chocolate lab-4, she loves
Alaska. No fleas and ticks! Snow, room to run and lots of attention.

Talk to you soon. We still do not have a computer at home and I am only
here at work today this week. It is spring break.

Robin Allen '69 Sutton

Lane: I was just wondering if you have run across Travis Price in your
searches. If so let me know.

Larry Jorgensen

(7 April 03)

Re the last request:
Travis Price is an architect in the D.C. area I believe. I saw him at a reunion about
15 years ago.
Carrie Doulgass

Hi Lane,
Here is Joy's (Flowers '66) new EMail....sorry it took so long!

Hope all is well with you.

Lynda Kangas Flowers '65

Hi Lane! I enjoy reading these. I can't believe how many folks live in the
Bay area. We love Half Moon Bay! Hope to make it to a reunion again soon.
We're enjoying retirement now and planning a trip to Europe for 6 weeks
after Easter. I still need to get in touch with Nina Newton('67).

Jeanette (Benke) Ward (66)

Dear Lane,

Here's a message I sent to my (Justin Morrill College at Michigan State University) alumni forum, by way of explanation - not mandatory, just introspective - as to why I'm in early retirement. It's just as good a description of what motivated me as I've ever come up with, so with your indulgence I would like to share it with you.

Michael Weil '65


When I was taken out of work by my doctor in 2000 because I was right around the corner (coroner?) from a second heart attack due to unbelievable job stress, I protested vehemently. In fact, after the initial five days of mandatory "house arrest" he ordered for me, I awoke the following Monday fully prepared to jump right into the snakepit again. If it hadn't been for my wife Monica's calm but firm words - at the door as I was about to leave - to the effect that "Are you REALLY sure you want to do this?" I would have gone right back to the "scene of the crime." Am I ever grateful to her, and to that kindly physician, and how! When I look at my then-situation in retrospect I can't believe or even imagine that I spent one minute of one day, much less TWENTY THREE long and rather gruesome years toiling under those thankless and totally denigrating conditions! God, am I glad to be out of there and free of the fear, anxiety, and depression that were my very unwelcome but ubiqitous
companions at that job. People ask me if I have enough to do now that I'm retired or if I get bored. Silly question; I don't have enough hours in the day to do everything I would like to accomplish. My "problem" is not what I will, but rather what I won't, do next. I can't believe that I even dreamed that I could work another thirteen years (to the "regular" retirement age of 65) without losing my mind - or apparently, my health and quite possibly even my life. But that was then and this is now, and now is good. I'm very, very happy to have joined the "leisure class."

(14 April 03)

Hey, Greetings from Gainesville Georgia. To respond to Linda Gamble's
question, Bob Rhodey was in Vietnam with the military police, but is quite
alive and well living as a federal Forest Ranger in Arkansas. I will
forward her his e-mail address if she will e-mail me at Tangochris1@msn.com.

Terry Miller '67

I hope that your weather is better than it is up here in Seattle! It's been one rain storm after another all weekend! Have a great week Lane! I leave on Friday for 2 weeks in; Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, returning 3 May.Talk to you then. Best Regards,

Brian ('66) and Jody Black.

(15 Apr 03)

Lane, I never got to meet you in Denver, my fault, and now have moved to Albuquerque. It is fun to read all of the notes from everyone, I ran into Larry Line after high school but haven't seen anyone since. I was going to the Heidelberg reunion but two of my kids decided to get married that same year, too much for one year.
Thanks for all of your work. Heidelberg will always be a special place for all of us.
Mike Horne, 1965

Hi, lane. About a week ago, I received a very sweet call from Vince Male, whom I last saw in 1966 or thereabouts, but he did not leave a number or an email. Do you have this perchance? Hope you are well. namaste

Marya Ursin, '67

Fellow Children of the Sixties,

I'm willing to bet you remember this one. An anthem for some, perhaps anathema to others, but darn if it wasn't a catchy tune. If nothing else, it's a "time machine" ready to take you on a short trip(!) back to the era of Flower Power.

http://www.faraway-soclose.org/eod.html (Words to "Eve of Destruction") You can cut and paste into your browser.

Michael Weil '65

Did you see my article in Newsweek's "My Turn"? ...the April 14th issue
with Jessica Lynch on the front. You might find it interesting.
Our family doesn't really look like that...we are not grim but that's
the only type of picture they would take :-)
MaryKate Palmer '66

Anyone trying to contact my sister-Rosita Cutlip should use this e-mail
address. She still hasn't got on the computer bandwagon yet but her
husband (Lynn) has. I told her that I have been getting some inquiries
about her on this site and she was delighted to give the address.

Now, if I can just get her to type!!!


Thanks, Bob Cutlip '67 from the "Dark Ages."

(20 Apr 03)


If you get a chance, listen to the words of John Mellencamps song "Cherry
Bomb." Substitute 55 when it says "17 has turned 35, I'm surprised that
we're still living." This is one of the songs on a CD I use to run with,
and although more contemporary than '66, (yet not new), it always makes me
think of us way back when. Just reminiscing.

Ed Macomber '66

Dear Lane,
I got the "cut and paste" stuff. It's great! If you've got any more, please
cut and paste it to me, also. I've been thinking lately that it's really amazing that
Heidelberg High alumni/ae are so gregarious and still appreciate knowing each other
after all these years. I went to two other high schools, freshman year in
Massachusetts and senior year in Maryland, but I never hear anything from
those classmates. Of course, your tireless service has made a big difference.
But there is something very cosmopolitan about the Heidelberg High crowd; a
very different type of person from the other kids I went to high school with.
My other high schools really were populated with fairly provincial people, you
know, they were born in Fitchburg, Mass. or Silver Spring, Maryland, and they
stayed there all their lives and that was that. I don't mean to criticize them,
because I had some good friends there. But there's something different about
Army kids.
I wrote a line for the 1965 Hoheit (unfortunately I seem to have lost my copy)
about how my class was "riding on the crest of a world-bound wave". It wasn't
great poetry, but Mr. Ewing liked it and put it in the year-book. I think I was
on to something; Heidelberg kids were special; we were going somewhere.
I don't know if any of us became rich and famous, but we certainly ended up
going a lot of different places, and yet at the end so many of us have
reached out to continue the camaraderie and community. It kind of makes all
the disadvantages of being an army brat worthwhile.
That's all for now, Lane. Please feel free to circulate this.

Steve Jervey
Class of 1966
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