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Fellow Alumni.....This is the 2nd page of Responses from Alumni. If you look real hard you will see I have found some "Lost" Alumni. The first page was getting too long. Enjoy.....Lane


Thank you for making our lives more enjoyable and refreshing our memories! Mainly because of your effort (web site) and encouragement I attended the 2001 reunion in Heidelberg after I was "found" in 2000. My wife and three of my children were able to see that we truly did graduate and have our prom in a magnificent castle. I even drove them to the "end of the world" over looking the city and to Hitler's amphitheater with only a couple of wrong turns.

Your web site brings back many fond memories and it even plays "Unchained Melody" the theme song for the '65 prom at the schloss. Others songs that bring back Heidelberg memories whenever I hear them are "The House of The Rising Sun" (teen club) and "Hard Days Night" picked up at night on radio Luxembourg.

Your essay hits home in so many ways. Everyone who lived in Heidelberg has pleasant memories of a truly special place. There is a bond of experience among all of us, even if we were not good friends at the time, that people in state side schools do not enjoy. I am looking forward to the next reunion and hope to enhance some friendships and acquaintances of 38 years ago. Lane, we all sincerely appreciate what you are doing for us. God bless you!

Hugh Richeson '65

Hi Lane.

Thanks for returning my note.

I got your e-mail from the class of '66 website. I was reading a German
newspaper on line at work one day, when a fellow employee wondered how I
came to know German (I've taught college German since 1984, after managing,
even through cheating, to fail German at HHS). I brought up an on-line
picture of Heidelberg to show her, and later that day did a web search to
see if there might be a HHS website.
I was at HHS from 1961 through 1964, but we left in '64, so I graduated in
Seattle in 1965. I'm in the 1963 and 1964 Hoheit, and probably in the 1961
and 1962, but I don't own those volumes. I don't have connections to any
other alumni, unfortunately.
Joy's dad, Bernie Flowers, was my dad's boss in the army. I'm sure I knew
Bob Flowers, but probably not that well.
I asked my dad about Major Flowers the other day and he had a number of
stories I wanted to pass on to Joy about her dad.

Thanks again and hope to hear from you periodically.
Robert Rabe '65

Hi Lane,

While reading the Emails and especially from Kate McIver and her missing H-berg I just wanted to pass on that I think of H-berg EVERYDAY and would move back tomorrow. We were in H-berg for the 1990 reunion and then again in 1996 and for those who have not been back since school it has changed some. But I honestly think it will be the only place on this planet I will always call HOME.

Alayne (Brown) Wright '64


I'll email Elaine Lee and get info for you (about the whereabouts of Judy Ross '66)
or forward your email to her and she can respond. Ever hear of Judy
Dillard? There is another person, but I cannot think of her name right
now. It's always the mind which is the first to go when one gets old
and frail!!

Keep writing...
Kathie McKiver '64

Hi guys! (sent to Lane, Genie Wood & Meg Forbes)

What a nice treat! I hope everyone is doing well! I have heard about
both of you and that you are well. We are still in the Washington DC
area - 11 years. I own an international relocation company. Genie,
I'll be in Munich in September - yes the Oktoberfest with a group of
friends who were all in Hamburg with us in the early 90s. Maybe we can
get together.

I need to run now but will stay in touch! Lane, thanks so much for
keeping us all together.

Love -Peggy (Marks '66)

Lane - I still have your requests on my to do list. i have lots of great
photos and will try to send you some one of these days. Good quality and
color as well. My regards to everyone at the next reunion - I'll be
following the 100th Tour de France (even some by bike) for 3 weeks in July.
Then back to HD and 3 weeks to get ready for school. For the first time that
i can remember the students won't report until after Labor Day in order to
make-up for budget cuts. Teachers report almost 2 weeks before.
(for those of you who don't know, Rich is a Teacher at HHS!)


Rich Bennett '66

Hi, Lane. I have enjoyed the recent reflections on our memories, so thanks for sending them on. If I would be able to come to Estes Park in 2004, it would be the July dates. All would depend upon my mother's continued good health and my work schedule. School starts in Florida the first week in August every year, so as long as I am in this business, July is my only breather in the summer!

Sue Allen '66

An update on my address. I moved to Williamsburg, VA in January and my new
address is
6312 Glenwilton Lane
Williamsburg, VA 23188

Had a few beers with Ward Ellis last Wednesday and we decided that we needed
to have a HHS get together this summer. We are planning a Friday-Sunday
event sometime in August. Date to be decided. We first thought about
having an Oktoberfest but decided more people could make it in August than
October. We need your help as we plan to send out invitations to '64-'68
but don't have any address list. Could you point me in the right direction
for a list or if you have something comprehensive, would you mind e-mailing
to me. Any help is appreciated.

Steven Hord '66

Hey, As indicated I have logged too many miles since the gathering in Park City. One of these days I'll settle down - ha! Anyway, I do read my e-mail about twice a week now - bummer.

When I come through Denver I fully expect you to meet me at the airport and we hit downtown together! Deal?

I am off to Seattle tomorrow am. Back on Tuesday and the to Dallas on Friday and back on Tuesday. Anybody in Dallas from 66-67? In two weeks after I will be going to Miami - anyone down there?

Hey best go. Will review e-mail this evening before packing for the trip.


Lance Landre


As I read the letters from fellow "Heidelbergers" I realize ever more how indelible the impact of the overseas experience is on everyone who experiences it. Although my own outlook was a little different to begin with, since I was born in Vienna and spent the first eighteen years of my life in Austria and Germany, I think that almost no one who spent time living (and going to school) over there escaped being influenced by the local culture. Even though I have now lived in the U.S. since the fall of 1965, I still retain a decidedly different view of the world and America's place in it than those of our countrymen who have had no personal, and significantly long term, contact with the thinking and practices of the inhabitants of other nations. I believe that we, temporary expatriates all, are far more likely to take into account how the world as a whole feels about international issues and are therefore less inclined to simply "toe the American line," and because of that we are no
t just better informed in general, but also better citizens for it. We are forever endowed with the knowledge that although we are indeed fortunate to call this country our home, we know that to live WITHIN these borders does not have to mean that our interest and concern ends AT the border. Our common, yet unique, experience overseas has graced us with the ability to appreciate and assimilate the views of people from other nations and cultures. We are indeed very fortunate to be able to see the world as an inter-connected whole, rather than the "us (or U.S.) versus them" mode so widely and unfortunately trumpeted - and, I fear, to our ultimate serious disadvantage - by those who lack our history of intimate contact with the inhabitants of other lands. I believe it is therefore incumbent upon us to do our utmost to share this great gift of widely opened eyes and minds we received in our overseas living experience with those of our fellow citizens who unfortunately don't have th
e advantage that enlightenment entails. Little did we know as we lived through our days (and years) as "average teenagers" at Heidelberg American High School that we would some day have the opportunity to provide an invaluable service to our country by sharing the acquired wisdom of our cross-cultural immersion with our extended families, friends, and acquaintances. Go forth, Lions, and be heard!

Michael Weil '65

Hi Lane,
We went a couple of weeks ago for a week to Canne. Mark had a conference
there and it was our anniversary so I tagged along. Had a great time,
beautiful place and nice people. Even though they are French and supposed
to hate us we were treated very well.
The food was fantastic and the Mediterranean was wonderful. Great place,
will go again next year if I can.
We also went to Germany last November and to England. Went to Dusseldorf
for about 5 days. That was really cool. Loved it and felt like going home
again. I miss Europe.
Gotta scoot for now.
Take care,
Carolyn Houk '68

Hi Lane - I'm here, just under cover. Hope you are doing well, also. Cathy

Catherine Shoultz '68

The group picture from Bertchesgaden is indeed fantastic. When my 21 yr old
son was in High School, he and I took a yearly trip to Bertchesgaden to sled
on the Goering hill (the site of the upper ski slope for the American Rec
Area) and just hang out. The ghosts are everywhere. Actually, the place
is quite quiet in November, but I have walked up the Obersalzberg at night
alone and wondered around the now deserted American Hotels in the snow and
dark and the memories flooded back. I have drunk many a beer as an adult in
Gasthauses I visited with friends as a sixteen year old. It is a special
place to me. Thanks for the pix. Terry Miller (Did I tell you that I know
where the Nuremberger Steuben was (it was an Italian restaurant the last
time I visited for the reunion there. I also made it up to the end of the
world..still there, exactly the same.

Terry Miller '67

HI Lane,

I think it is Holly Bunshaw who came to Heidelberg for her senior year
(65) only. She had a T-bird and a driver's license - imagine that! I
have kept up with her through the years mainly because her parents (both
dead) lived in the retirement community in San Antonio where my parents
were. I can't really tell by the picture but I think it is her.....

Peggy Marks '66

Hi Lane,

It's so much fun getting your mails; they start my day! Hope that you are doing fine and that springtime is beginning to show itself there in Colorado. It certainly is here!!!!!

Wanted to let you know that this particular ski trip group picture was taken in Feb. 1965 instead of '64. Someone has most likely mailed you already, but in case they haven't . . . .

Take good care!

Genie Wood Bysinger '66

Hi again!

Yes, it is Berchtesgaden! I was so surprised to see how many of us were in the picture. I would have thought that only one bus drove us all. I can remember bits and pieces of that particular trip, but I remember more of the following year's trip. Terry and I started dating on that trip!!!!

3-5 feet of snow! I don't think that anywhere in Europe has seen anywhere near that! How much fun! Love that sort of thing.

Well, Lane, you are a special guy! Take really good care!

Love ya, too!

Genie Wood Bysinger '66

Hi, Lane! I go by MaryKate now. Here are the updates:
MaryKate (Palmore) Morse
7345 SW Brenne Lane
Portland, OR 97225

Trust all is well...
MK (Mary Kate Palmore '66)

I replied to your e-mail and sent you my address etc., but obviously you never got it according to my sister's e-mail, so here it is again.

Barbara Funke Picking
27912 Firebrand Dr.
Castaic CA 91384

phone: 661 775-2533
e-mail: tompicking@hotmail.com

Please let me know if you receive this.

Barbara Funke '66

Hi Lane,
I heard there is a lot of snow in the Denver area.
Are you snowed in?
I loved seeing the picture of the B-gaden trip from
65. I couldn't believe all the familiar faces. I
noticed one person who used to live in the same
building that I did on Rheinstrasse. His name was Bob
Rhodes and he is in the picture next to Jay Bargman,
wearing glasses. Do you remember him? I thought I
had heard somewhere that he was killed in Vietnam. Do
you know?
Things here are winding down to Spring Break. We
are supposed to fly out of Milwaukee on Saturday
morning to Florida. I'm hoping that will actually
happen with the situation in Iraq. Of course, in the
scheme of things, I know that a vacation in Florida is
not all that important, but I really would like to go.
It has been a cold winter here and the sun and the
sand sounds really good right now.
Not too much else going on here. I just wanted to
check in and say "hi."
Love ya,
Kathy Schellinger '69


Will you please send me Rich Bennett's e-mail address Please

Keep up the great work.


Coach Sabin


Just read your latest email and I just wanted to pass these photos along to you. There're from Martine Camblor's recent ??th birthday in Indianapolis. It was a spur of the moment visit for me and Gary and Robin drove up from St. Louis.
It's just been great since you first tracked me down and I've been able to renew not only friendships with fellow Heidelbergers but with Poitouvians and Bruxellois as well.
Once I got infected with the urge to reconnect with old friends it's been non-stop visits or planning for visits (or writing about visits). As a 78 year old dear friend told me he never realized how busy he was until he retired and had time to catch up with his friends....he says it keeps him young.
Anyway thanks again for putting in the time to get us and keep us together.

Jim Policastro '65


I saw Lance responded to your article and mentioned he was going to be in
Miami in two weeks. I can't find his email address and would like to get in
touch and hopefully we can meet up somewhere. Could you please get his
email address for me? He was a 1967 graduate. Thanks for your help.

Rod Smith "67"

Hello Lane
Finally decided I should toss in my memories. They are mixed ... some joy some pain. Joy found in memories of my classmates, especially those who played in the band like Bruce Bailey, Mike Locklear, Bill Bryfogel, Bill McKee to name a few. Joy found in some extraordinary teachers such as Frau Gerber, our German teacher or Mr. Kirkpatrick the band director. Joy in events such as graduation ceremony in the castle, playing with the band at football and basketball games, concerts. (guess I was a band geek and music is still a big part of my life). Pain ... the Martz family lived upstairs from us in PHV and we suffered with Dave and his parents on Danny's (along with with three other upperclassmen) tragic death in the car crash. And some months later, Dave's Dad drove my father to the hospital when he suffered his fatal heart attack. This led to my sudden departure at the end of October 63. Sooo ... I can never forget Heidelberg and HHS; events there shaped my life unalterably (is that a word?). I returned to Heidelberg in 1979, took my wife of then 10 years to see HHS, PHV, our apartment building, the castle, Koenigstule, the posts, the city, Schwetzingen, Mannheim. It helped her to understand and now, 24 years later, she still understands the hold Heidelberg has on me.

Martin Farber '66


Thanks again for sharing all these letters/messages with us; there's NO way we would be communicating with each other like this without your help! You certainly are performing a wonderful service by facilitating this great exchange of news and ideas among long- and far-scattered classmates. When I read these messages the years and distances are abruptly brushed away and I'm seemingly back in the rooms and hallways of HHS face to face with everyone again; it really is quite remarkable! It's nice to hear what people are up to these days, and although when I realize it's been 38 years and there is a lot of talk of grandchildren I start to feel more than a little bit old, I also feel rejuvenated by the sense of excitement and energy everyone displays in their sharing. All in all, it's definitely a positive experience; please keep this communication going!

Michael Weil '65

OK Lane, I give - while you and I have been in touch pretty often, I have not
responded specifically to the "Funny Thing about the Past" yet, so here goes.
For each person who has responded that I remember from 65-66, I can conjure up
some pretty fun images. Going to the Teen Club, playing Fussball, and being
young in such a lovely place was a gift to each of us. (Thank you Terry Miller
for the Nuremberger Steuben reference; I was back in Heidelberg in the early
80's. I found Pops and the Rot Ox, but no one had heard of the the NS.) I
enjoy reading everyone's recollections fondly. I too would welcome a stateside
reunion, but also have to work around a teaching schedule.

For the record, I live in Milwaukee and teach at the University of
Wisconsin-Whitewater where I also run the art gallery. I know some former
teachers who would find that hard to believe, but people change. Because of
your diligence, Lane, I have been in contact with many of my old buddies and
that's been a treat. Thanks for making all of this possible.

Mike Flanagan '66

Hi Lane,

yes all of the names you asked about are 69ers. list to follow by separate
e-mail. Tracy has more class of 70 info.

I was in H-berg 8/67 - 8/69. I have faint recollection of meeting you at
Fred's summer of 68. I think you were demonstrating proper technique for
Heidelberg Chug for all of the new guys. :-) I dated Laurinda Harris ('70)
who you may remember :-) !

When I get a "current / updated " class list for 69ers, I'll send it to you,
or perhaps you should join us at Tahoe?

Thx again & best rgds,

John Kelly '69

This is beautiful, Lane. And it's as appropriate as it was when you first
published it. Of course, I'll put it in the newsletter! I'm always grateful
for items that people want to contribute. Those are always the best editions
too! I wish I had more time to write to folks and get them to update me
on their lives so I can share that too. You know, I don't think we've ever
done a "Whatever Happened to" article on you, have we? Maybe it's time...there
are so many more people now!

Chris Calcut '71

Lane..this is so terrific. You are such a dear to keep up
with all this and everyone's memories. I told Cliff
Chadwick we should all start calling you 'Memory Lane' !!


Linda T. Christenberry '68 (aka Twig)
STILL living in good old Heidelberg

Hi good bodies, Lane will you add James V. Cole to your e-mail address
he needs to know everything.1967. sorry i donot write much atall but
thats me Speical thanks to you Lane for getting everone toget her. Jim
Coles e-mail address vaughnjcole@aol.com

Bye, bye now!!!!! Jim Snider '67 & Yolly

Lane, Glad to hear from you. Please add my email to your master list. Are you going to the Tahoe reunion? Don't know if I'll be there or not. We are taking our son on college visits so I'll try to work around that. Keep in touch.

Nancy Lamb McCusker (class of 69)

Enjoying reading the responses. My address has changed.
Dee (Dianne) Duncan '65 now Dianne Taylor
e-mail was det4dogs@aol.com now is dt1cat@cox-internet.com
I've moved from Texas to Ketchum, Idaho.
Bless you for taking the time to keep us all in touch.

Dianne Duncan '65

Lane, you are so efficient.
My dt1cat@cox-internet.com is active now. Det4dogs@aol.com is the address in Texas. My husband still lives there (teaches college) during the school year. I moved to Idaho where we have had a summer place to open our pottery shop as soon as I could take early retirement from teaching. I can get into the det4dogs by going to aol online, but I only check that when my husband says I have messages.

My address is: Dianne Taylor (Dee Duncan '65)
PO Box 3690
Ketchum, ID 83340
We have no home mail delivery here.
My phone number is (208) 725-4090--business phone but I have all my home calls forwarded there anyway, so it's the best one to use.

Lane, is there anything I can do to help you? You have given so much time to this project--I'd love to help.
Dianne Duncan '65

Ketchum is in central Idaho in the mountains. You may have heard of Sun
Valley ski resort. Ketchum is the town--sun valley is the resort.
It's beautiful here in the summer, too. Lots of national forest on three
sides, three clear rock-bottomed rivers here, fly fishing, paragliding, 60
miles of paved bike, rollerblade trails, really nice.
I will come in 2004. Maybe you'll come up here sometime, too.
Dianne Duncan '65

Steve and I are planning on the Estes Park in 2004. I am still slightly irritated at my precious son for causing us to cancel our trip in Sept. We needed to be there for him but Lord his timing can be sooooo lousy!

Thanks for the info on Nancy (Lamb '69). I am excited about contacting her.

Another friend of mine (not HS) is planning a reunion of sorts in Tahoe around 4th of July. Just was curious about the date. We are actually supposed to be in Spokane for my mother in laws birthday.

Appreciate all the work you to to keep us all connected.
Deedee Clary '69

Lane --

You have obviously touched a chord in all of us, and we are grateful for your efforts.
Don't stop!

I noted Kathie McKiver '64 is in touch with Judy Ross '66. I would love to find Elaine
Ross, Judy's older sister and my contemporary. Would you please forward this to Kathie?
Many thanks, Lane and Kathie.

Jim Orr '64

Aw shucks? I can just see your cowlick standing up
and your foot scuffing the floor!!!!!!!!!!!

You are a delight, Lane! Don't change a bit.

Linda Christenberry '68


No, I did not get to Germany this past trip. I was in the United Kingdom
and got back about 10 days ago. I am off to Paris, France on Saturday but
will try to minimize my stay there. Again, I will not be visiting Germany
this trip. I will be back in Europe again in May and will likely visit
Germany, Switzerland and also the UK. About a 5 weeks after that I shall be
back in Europe again except this time it will be primarily to Italy and
perhaps Spain and Germany. We shall see.

Would you like portrait copies of the individuals from the 2001 Reunion?
They are primarily the class of 1965 but also have some of the 66 and 67
group. I posted many of these on the reunion website on MSN.

Larry Line '65

Hello's from a 67' H-berg gal. I was there from 65 - 66 in Jan or so. We were
transferred to Bremerhaven and I graduated there. Hey Barbara Schick...if you
are out there my sister Barb Wanek would love to hear from you. I am not surprised
to hear that you are working on a cookbook. I remember when I visited w/Barb when
you were in Chicago area that you had alot!!! of cookbooks. I have to locate my
year book too. Some of your names are so familiar - I just need to put faces to
them. I remember Ross Humphrey visiting me when I was at college at Prescott
College in Ariz. Golly...this brings back alot of memories. Especially now with
the war on I am especially "full of heart" for all our Dads & Moms (not to mention
our heros of today). Just from me up here in the NW/Spokane, Wa

Susan (nee Wanek) Brumback
Class of 67'

This is the last Response for this edition...I will start #3 when I start receiving more from your Fellow Alumni.....Enjoy!! Lane
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