Fellow Alumni.....

I know many of you have read the following article I wrote back in '94 but there are so many "new finds" that I thought I would share it again with all of you. "Friends...Bonded by Youth, Divided....by Destiny, Reunited....by Friendship!!"

Funny thing about the Past, it always comes back to us!

All of us have one thing in common; we all went to High School in Heidelberg. We were scattered through out the world and most of us haven't seen or heard from each other for thirty plus years, yet, with almost every one of you that I have talked with, there is no thirty year time period. Why is that? Because we bonded when were young. We were living is a strange place and all we had was each other.

Are we "out casts" from the real world because we went to High School in Germany? Or are we just lost souls looking for a place to rest? I don't think so. I think we are happy to be reunited with our friends because of the understanding that we have for each other. Do our spouses understand what we went through? Did our Stateside friends understand? Did our College friends understand where we came from? This is a very hard experience to explain and to understand to someone who did not experience what we went through. We were a group of kids who had a wonderful experience and wouldn't trade it for anything! After Graduation we all just vanished and we were taken out of our "unique" world that we had become so accustom to. We were all divided by destiny!

Your reactions to my initial phone calls has varied but on the whole it has been very inspiring. Crying, laughing, to "how did you ever fond me?" "I can't believe I'm talking to someone I went to High School with!" After the initial shock is over, you calm down and realize what's going on. You are talking about people you dated, ate lunch with, went to football games with, drank a lot of bier with or traveled throughout Europe with. Wow, what a shock! All of us have wondered over the years what ever happened to so and so and I wonder if so and so ever thinks about me! This is what is so great about finding everyone because these (and many other) questions get answered. Yes, they have been thinking about you and how great it would be to talk with (or even) see you again. Are any of us so vain that we would not want to experience that all over again? How would you like to see some old movies that were taken back then? How about old pictures? Most of us have some old pictures in our photo albums. Wouldn't it be great to see someone else's old pictures and let the memories flow!! How many of us can listen to an "Oldie" and be instantly transported back to Heidelberg? Many of us had our own little "clicks" but we all knew each other and were friends. After a "mini" reunion this past summer, one person said: "It was like seeing Family again, that I hadn't seen for years!" The Heidelberg Spirit will remain alive, if we allow it to! We were a Family, weren't we?

I guess one of the benefits of my job is that it allows me to visit with many of my old friends from Heidelberg. It has been great to meet and spend time with them and to see how their lives have turned out. Everyone is doing just fine. We have all had out "ups and downs" over the years, but everyone seems to be very happy and doing quite well. How many people can say that thirty years later they have had dinner with their Junior and Senior Prom dates? I thank you all for sharing your lives, stories and pictures with me. It really seems just like yesterday that we were all together.

This doesn't apply to everyone, but how many of us can say that since Heidelberg we have developed true friendships? In many cases, not many, if any. How many of us have moved around a lot, like our Parents did? How many of us can claim a Hometown? Many of us would claim Heidelberg, because that's where all the great memories are from during that era of our lives. As someone said to me, after my initial contact: "It's nice to know that someone out there still has fond memories of me after all these years!"

I think we all have fond memories of that time in our lives. Please don't be afraid to let them flow. After all, memories are all we will have in the future! Never let them go! Now that we have built a bridge over the evolution of time to reunite with each other, let's make the most of it!

Funny thing about the past, it always comes back to us!!!

Please let me know your thoughts and feelings....I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for listening
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Thank you so much for the picture w/ Peggy (Marks) and Genie (Wood)...I will make a point to email them.

I have enjoyed the responses but apparently didn't get the original email
that started it off or it could be that it was a server problem...I had
some recent problems w/ the univrsity server...Would you mind resending it
to me? (sent) Thanks much...you are a good guy to keep us all in touch...if you
are ever in the bay area please let me know!

Meg Forbes '67


Wow, you really started something by re-printing your note from the past.
It's given alot of people (me included), a forum and opportunity to say hi
to everyone, especially from the great class of '66. Thanks to you, I
connected, although briefly, with Chuck Camblor about nine months ago. Now
there's a guy who brings back some great memories for me. Chuck, if you
read this, email me. As I read the comments, I'm surprised to hear how so
many of us where in Heidelberg for just a year or so, yet made so many
friends and lasting memories. I remember more names and faces from H-berg,
than I do from all my college and some of my career days. There really is
a lot of truth in your message. I hope to see you soon, come visit again,
and if anyone visits this way, stop and say "hi". PS: Anybody know where
Jerry Schwartz (not found yet) and Pat Kubes (info sent) are? Hi Carol (Houk '67), what happened to Christmas?

Ed Macomber '66

Dear Lane,

I am certainly enjoying reading the responses to "Funny Thing about the
Past", although I'd like to receive another copy since I seem to have
misplaced the original. Thanks in advance for resending it! (sent)

What I like about these responses is they seem so much more personal than
posts on the message board, which I rarely find time to get to, plus more
people find it easier to shoot off an email than posting on the board. Now,
thanks to your efforts, we're hearing from people who haven't checked in
for awhile....AND getting little bits of info about where they are and some
of what's going on in their lives. That is SO great! I join others in
thanking you for this.

I'm one of those who don't have a yearbook (don't know what happened to it),
so I'll be interested in finding out where I can get one for the two years I
was in Heidelberg (school years '64 & '65). I came back to the States to
graduate in '66. So many names are familiar, but as someone else mentioned,
the memories would be more complete with the pictures. I always think no one
will remember who I am, but because of you keeping us connected, I've heard
from a couple of people (Barb Brown '66 and Dave Meyers '63) and renewed
friendships. My two years in H'berg have always remained the best part of my
teenage years (even though my parents would not agree!)

I want to welcome anyone who is in Michigan or who will be traveling here to
contact me at dee@minniepauz.com if you'd like to get together or need a
place to stay. I'm single (for the last 22 yrs), have a business from home
(cartooning), 3 kids, 3 3/4 grandkids (latest is due Mar. 25), and I'm
finally *creating* my life instead of *reacting* to life!

I'm going to be in Miami at the end of May (to launch the 1st Minnie Pauz
MeltDown Cruise), so if there's anyone in that area who would like to get
together for a cup of coffee or a drink, let me know! By the way, my cruise
was even mentioned on CNN in case any of you caught it.......yup, that's
me!! :) Lane, after a year of putting this event together, I'd be happy to
share the details and maybe do a H'berg reunion cruise sometime in the
future.....like one with 50's/60's bands onboard! We could have a fabulous

Thanks again, Lane! Hope to hear from some of you!
Diana Dee Carr '66 (going by Adams now)

Will you send me Barbara Schick's email address? (sent) She was always so HAPPY! I remember she was the first one who showed me how to pluck my eyebrows! (My eyebrows have never been good plucking material.) I always thought she was beautiful, happy, and just a wonderful person. I bet she has tons of friends and devotees.

Also, I'm sure I've read your "Funny Thing About the Past," but please send it to me again. (sent) Or is it on your website?

I saw Steve MacGregor ('67) at Christmas (Washington, DC) and had a beautiful Christmas card from Ross Humphreys ('67) with a picture Ross had taken of a spectacular fire on one of his ranches. Did you get a copy? If not, you should ask him for one. His wife and one of his daughters wrote the caption. It was really funny.

Louise Weeks '66

Hi Lane:

Isn't it amazing that we even remember the PLUCKING OF EYEBROWS! What wonderful memories we all have. There is such a strong bond between all of us, and there always will be.

How nice to know that we have somebody out there who understands us ... because most of the "non military" people do not!

I received so many wonderful notes from my classmates when my husband passed away 19 months ago ... thank you everyone.

Susie Spina (Hall) '66

Dear Lane,

I don't know if you ever heard of how Bill Eggimann and I reconnected but I
thought it was an extraordinary example of the uniqueness and the power of
the Heidelberg connection.:

A close friend and collegue who is in Biology was chatting one day (in
1982) about his upcoming sabbatical in Germany and I mentioned I had lived
there and the last time had been during high school. He said he had had a
pre med student that had gone to H.S. there, Bill Eggimann...well as you
can imagine I was blown away...Bill and I quickly connected. We even lived
quite close to one another in The City...further it turned out I knew his
then girl friend Jane, albeit casually, from a research center at UCSF.
Jane and Bill hold me responsible for them getting married as I quelled a
terrible argument the night before. They of course got married and had 2
boys, the older of which, James is a very close friend of our younger son
Nolan (21) (the boys even travelled to Europe together for 6 weeks after HS
graduation). I spent a great deal of time with James as an infant since as
a professor my schedule has always been more flexble and Jane was in med
school, Bill a resident when he came along. Jane's mom remains one of my
closest friends (as a matter of fact she, as a mwedding magistrate for City
and County of SF, is officiating the wedding of our older son, Timothy, 28,
in June!). While they were in the Bay Area most holidays were spent
together and it has been hard having so much distance now they are in
Alaska...though we visit as often as possible. Anyway a rather
serendipidious rediscovery!

do you have Genie and Peggy's email?

Also, yes, we live in Sebastopol, 14 years....bucolic paradise near Bodega
Bay and only an hour to the city (fortunately an academic calendar does not
bnecessitate a daily commute...).

take care,

Margaret F. Lynch, Ph.D.

Reading all the letters and laughing alot. What memories people have. Bob Watson mentioned a John Campbell, a friend and pilot from Vietnam. I looked in Gary's directory and found a John W. Campbell, 613 Southview Circle, Fayetteville, NC 28311 and email: jcbldrs@mindspring.com. He was in the graduating class of 67-3. Is this the John that Bob is looking for. I hope so and this is the most recent information. It lists him as a General Contractor.

Hope all is well. It is tax time again and I am working part time. We love retirement!
Our grandson is a doll. We just keep getting better.

Robin Christensen '65

HI Lane,

Well done and should be published. I think other people who aren't military "brats" would find it interesting. I noticed a reply from DeeDee Clary '69. I was wondering if you know where her sister Cathy '66 is. Cathy and I went to high school together in New York and both transferred to Heidelberg for our senior year. We lost touch after graduation. If you don't know how to contact Cathy do you have her any of her sisters' e-mail addresses? Thanks for all the work you have done to keep us all in touch.

Sue Pitt Widhalm '66

Dear Lane:

Thought I would let you know that I will, hopefully, be seeing someone from my past also sometime this month if things work out. I think I mentioned to you that because you posted all of our addresses on the internet that a "boyfriend" from the fifth grade got in touch with me. We have been in touch for about a year or so now. He was in Heidelberg for a short time but did not graduate with us. He wasn't speaking to me then because of some incident or another from way back when. We never did speak to each other in Heidelberg. We went our separate ways. Now so many years later we have developed a nice email friendship. Looking forward to seeing him in person again.

Will let you know how it turns out. Keep up your good work. I always enjoy reading about everybody.

Will be leaving for Texas on the 20th of March and returning on the 26th. Got to see that granddaughter of mine again; it has been 8 months since I've seen her! Have a digital camera now that my son bought me one for Christmas. Will take a few pictures and send them on to you.

Stay well and healthy.
Love, Ginnie Reile '66

Dear Lane,

Thanks for keeping me in mind for these messages - I do appreciate it. It's always nice to hear from and about old friends and acquaintances at good old Heidelberg High!

Best regards,
Michael Weil '65


Keep them coming. It's great to see info about former classmates in your
notes. Tell anyone they're always welcome to stop by and visit my wife and
me in our Maine home or summer camp. I'll be glad to take a former H-berger

Best regards,

Bill Stevens '64


I saw a notice from Jim Deaux in Overseas Brats. He was looking for
H-bergers. By the time I responded, the e-mail was no good, or at least
inaccessible from Western Alaska. He left before graduation, but was a
good buddy. The Loo brothers would know him too. Did he ever show up for
you? The e-mail address was tobe4u@myexcel.com. My firewall here does
funny things sometimes. Maybe you could try. I would love to connect
with him.

Was in Texas for a quick trip last month. Saw Mike Stevenson and his
family for dinner. He is doing fine and it was fun seeing him.

Thanks for considering this and all your good energy,

Bill Eggiman '66

Lane, My brother Bruce would bust out laughing when he was recalling the
jokes he used to pull with Les Noble. It was interesting to see that Les,
like Bruce, also was transplanted to HHS for his senior year. Bruce was
always very proud to have graduated with the great Class of "65". Please
forward this e-mail to Les. Thanks.

Younger Brothers,
Tom and Lee Peterson "69"

Hi Lane,
I played lead guitar with "The Dark Ages" starting in Nov 66 to graduation in 67. That was with Bob Watson and Bill Snyder and Ron Beutler.
Here's a picture of me by the castle when I went back in 1987 for a 20th anniversary grad.

Chuck Bryan '67


After reading your letter, I had to write back. I cannot tell you how
many times I think of Heidelberg and all that went on there. I
hear "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and always think about football and
basketball teams. Although I lived outside of town (not on base, but
in a little town past Neckarsteinach called Darsberg) and did not often
have the chance to stay after class to hang out with anyone or go to
any games, I still had "in-class" friends.

My Dad had retired by the time I arrived in Heidelberg (mid-'62 to
graduation '64), and was selling GM cars for a German company. I
remember Patrick Henry Officer's Club was going to have the '64 Auto
Show, and I was asked to get 4 "girls", as they called us then, to
represent the cars. I was to represent the Caddy. Elaine Lee was Miss
Chevy. It is hard to remember the other names. I have a picture that
needs to be scanned and sent to you so that perhaps the others can be
identified and I can get in touch with. Elaine and I are in touch, but
would love to know where the others are and what they are up to now.

I often wonder how I ended up as I have. I have been in Philadelphia
now for 25+ years (off and on...more on that off). Heidelberg still
feels like home. I would love to go back and see it again, just to
walk the streets I once walked. I know that it has changed a lot and
that would disturb me, but progress it the word of today.

As for the 2004 reunion, I would like to see it in July. But I need to
know where Estes Park is. You keep referring to it, but it could be
in Timbuckto for all I know. *smile*

Lane, keep those cards a letters coming. Even tho' I may not respond
each and every time I love to know what's happening. By-the-by, has
there ever been any interest in Yearbooks? I got one from the
Wiesbaden High School Alum and love it. It helps to remember people
with pictures.

Kate McIver (now Palin) '64

Charlie Bryan contacted me yesterday too and we have been exchanging emails and photos ever since. I found Ron last year, actually we got together with Jim Snider in Las Vegas awhile back and he called me about a month ago. I have all the info on Ron, the question is where do we put him? I think he wants to be associated with the class of 1967, but he could fit in anywhere in the mid-60's. Let me know what you need.
Actually there were five of us, the drummer, Bob Cutlip graduated in 66 in the states and came over in 67 still as a dependent. His younger sister Rosita was in the class of 68. Because Rosita doesn't have a computer, Bob catches the HHS emails for her. I have recent photos of Ron, Jim & I in Vegas (Cutlip couldn't make it because he had a previous commitment), but they arn't digital. I guess I'll have to get them transferred from film to disc.
I'm still wowed out by the fact that Jim, Bob Cutlip and I were all in Nam at the same time. We didn't run into each other, but I did walk into another classmate from 1967 in Nam, John Campbell - John is still missing, but I'm still hoping he appears, we had some wild adventures in Nam (he was a pilot and his nick name was Crash Campbell) and I owe him some money from 1971 (I wonder what the interest would be). Also, during the Cambodian Expedition in June of 1970 I was visiting a fire base in Cambodia and these guys came walking out of the bamboo, one of the guys walked up to me and asked if I was Bob from Heidelberg, when I said yes, he told me he was in the class of 68 and had been a neighbor of my old girlfriend. I don't know who he was, but it really blew me away.

Bob Watson '67

"A funny thing about the past", it seems to come back to us and remind us of where we came from and what we really had at one of the most precious times of our life. Lane, what a great article. Heidelberg was one of those experiences that you had to be there to understand. My wife, Sharon, loves to hear me talk about my experiences in Heidelberg and what it meant to be a part of the "Heidelbert H.S. family. It was nice to see a response from Les Noble. I remember the HB's and the great times we had at the Teen Club, Roxy's, Freddie's and so on. Keep up the good work. You have brought alot of old friend's back together. I see Ric Owens on occasion. He lives in Ft. Lauderdale and I live in Homestead, FL. Take care.

Rod Smith "67"

Lane, thanks for the updates. I know I'm awful at this e-mail stuff but I
love hearing about all the alumni. I was in 8th grade while we were
stationed there so I didn't have the same experiences but I can relate.

Kate Caughey (Mack) '70

thanks for sharing great job in keeping all of us connected
it was fun to read the comments from everyone and of course it was wonderful to reconnect with Debby Ferguson King and Carolyn Houk Frankel! Look forward to the next reunion.

Deedee Clary-Stephens '69

Hi Lane,
I couldn't have said it better! I was in H-Berg for only my Sophomore and Junior years....then back to the states. Though I really did have a great Senior year in Tacoma, I have never felt the strong bond that I did for Heidelberg. Besides, I had left my heart there, with Bob! Heidelberg, to us, is a magical place....our favorite!
Thanks for all you do...
Lynda (Kangas) Flowers '65

Hey Lane,
I read that letter in '94 and now again. You do say it all and yes, dear friends back in our lives after so many years. Hope all is good with you. Maybe I will get to see you soon. I have been very lazy with my emails. I will have a new address it will be the same except with earthlink for our server. Gary and I are thinking about moving west to CA. After this winter I am so tired of snow and being cold.
Love to you,

Robin Christensen Crossland '65

Hi Lane...I don't think that I received your "funny things about the past" email. You certainly received some wonderful and well-deserved responses to it, and of course I am most curious to read it also! We are nicely settled in Northern California and are absolutely loving it. Granddaughter number 2 is due to arrive in three weeks and I must confess that I never realized what unimaginable joy and richness grandchildren would bring into our lives. I'm still plugging away on this book I'm writing, however it keeps getting put on the back burner owing to one project or another. Right now I'm working on a fundraiser cookbook for breast cancer that will be published in May "Irons in the Fire"...Granite Bay Golf Club Cooks for the Cure. It just occured to me that I am only about an hour and a half's drive away from where Helen Blau is working(and obviously living) and I am going to try and get in touch with her...we had been friendly ever since 7th grade...I remember that she won a science fair project way back then...a harbinger of her fantastic success in the scientific community...I lost touch with her when we all went away to college, but learned from her resume on the web that we were in Boston at the same time when she and Bill were at Harvard in grad. school. We are spending a week at our place on Daufuskie Island (Haig Point) South Carolina the end of March and hopefully Ginny Senechal will be able to join us there for a few days. You make those glorious days in Heidelberg seem just like yesterday; thanks for keeping them so warmly and vibrantly alive for us.

Barbara Schick '66


This is fantastic! I sent it to my niece who graduated from Heidelberg
HS in 1999. Thanks for sending this and thanks for keeping us all up to
date on everything. Take care and have a good weekend.

Best - Peggy Marks '66

Thanks, Lane, for sharing the essay on your special Heidelberg experience.
I feel especially lucky to have been a part of that unique
world for the 2 years I taught at HHS.

I recently had a warm greeting from Carrie Douglass in response to an e-mail
I had sent her before Christmas. I was wondering if you
have a current e-mail address on Steve Jervey. Or do you know anything of
his whereabouts? I e-mailed him 2-3 years ago and it was returned.

Thanks again for all the hard work you do in keeping folks in touch.

Warmest regards,

Jim Ewing...HHS Teacher

Lots of what you say resonates even with me! by the way, do you
know where Jay Bargman is?

Helen Blau '66

Thanks, Lane. I've always had fond memories of Heidelberg. Although I
was there for 4.5 years, I left in the fall of my sophomore year (1963),
so I didn't get to stay until graduation. Instead I had 2 more high
schools before I graduated. I did go to the Heidelberg All Years'
reunion in H'berg, but only saw one person that I knew. It is hard to
recognize people after that length of time. You are right; we are
different than others - we have more of a world view. We understand
better why other nations may not always be fond of the U.S. personna.
However, while we love other peoples, we also love the US. Although,
for some of us, it took some time to appreciate America because we had
seen so many aspects of other countries that we liked. At times we
almost felt foreign in our own country. We are not for "America, right
or wrong!" We are for a better America. Well, I've gone on too long
and it is time to get back to work. Nice hearing from you.

Doug Wright '65

It was great reading it and I do think that is true. Lane, what is your
job? Also, I met with Deedee Clary for lunch during the break. It was
really nice. She said she and her husband were getting together with
Carolyn Houk. I hope I will be at the next reunion with both Tish and
Mike (my younger brother). Nice to hear from you.

Debby Ferguson '69

This is such a great letter. It explains exactly how I have felt since I
left Europe in 1975! When I arrived in the America I had no idea what I was
getting into! To top it off I had never lived the USA. No one and I do mean
no one, understood me! I just learned to keep my feelings to myself and knew
I had unique memories. I thought I was all alone with these emotions but
not! Thank you, Mimi Estrada-Drehman '68

This was so great, I receive the last time you sent it out. Everything
you wrote is true. It has been so good to be in touch with all of the
people from HHS.

Sandi (Black)Dallinger '65

Thanks, Lane. My very sentiments!

Marti Bravo '65

I don't think anyone could have expressed it any better than you have, Lane. Your incredible dedication to bringing us all back together again goes beyond anything I could've ever hoped for or expected. For that dedication I am eternally grateful, and I intend to attend every reunion I can to catch up with my "family". Heidelberg uber alles!

Les Loo '66

Hi Lane,
I don't if you remember me but I was at HB High for my senior year only. I
graduated and left for the states in the summer of 65. I was one of the DJs at
the teen club, and I was the only HB club member to drive a Hof Brau Beer truck
after school. I think I remember you as Ward Ellis during my time at HB. I
would like to thank you for the old pictures you attached to your note.
although I was with the class of 65, I do remember quite a few class of 66
people. Thanks Again and Best Wishes from Texas!!!!!

Les Noble '65


Thanks for sending out that little reminder. Yes, it is quite true. It has
been difficult to describe our experience in Heidelberg. I have been lucky
enough to have been back there many times. Every single time I go back to
my second "home" the memories and experiences I had there come rushing back
to me. As it stands, I will be back again this summer to take my son to the
University of Heidelberg's summer program on German language and culture.
He wants me there for a few days before he goes out on his own.

As it turns out, I was thinking about you yesterday. My hard drive on my
desktop computer was failing and I knew it was time to replace it before I
lost all my data. I got the new hard drive and cloned the old one to
CD-ROM's. I was in the process of installing the new one when I went to
look for the Dell manual that came with my computer. In the process of
searching for the book, I found something that I had misplaced and had
intended to send to you about 18 months ago. I apologize for the delay but
if you would be so kind, please send me your home address and I will post it
off to you. No, I won't tell you what it is but I am sure you will love it.

Larry Line '65

I'm really tired tonight, but I did want to say that you said the same things that have been on my mind for w while now, you were just much more articulate.. perhaps it's best if we don't worry about the "why" (all though I admit I have more curiosity that the average feline!) and enjoy the reality.

I will never forget sitting around the campfire last September in Estes Park, just talking to each other and gradually singing together, even though we never did at school. I, for one, was too chicken to join the acapella choir, no matter how many times Rich Gaylor (also'68) asked me. Boy, could he sing and play the guitar. He really did have perfect pitch.

I digressed. Singing with Les Loo, Pete Vogel and Chris was one of the high points of the reunion. As soon as I get through the technical difficulties with my computer, I should be able to put the tapes I made (heh! Heh! Heh!) in to the computer for downloading to CDs and you Lane.

Gary M. Jacobson '68

Hi Lane, Ric, Terry and Genie,

As per our email exhange the other day, attached is are 2 pictures taken
ealier this month in Paris. My wife Justine and I met in 1969. She was
a freshman at Jacksonville Univ and I was starting my Sr year. We
married in '71 and have 3 grown daughters (one married and the youngest a
jr at U of Ala).

Lane, I really enjoyed reading your "Funny thing about the past". Its
so true.

The older I get the more I feel a longing to reconnect to the Heidelberg

Thanks for the web site link. Its bookmarked now.


John Rynearson '66

Greetings Lane, just wanted to congratulate you on your newsletter. A lot
of good stuff. I hope all is well with you. I will talk to you later.

Larry Jorgensen....HHS Teacher


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